Anastasia Nikologianni

Dr. Anastasia Nikologianni holds an EIT Climate-KIC labelled PhD in Landscape Architecture and climate emergency with regards to the role of low carbon, spatial quality and the contribution design can make to the development of regional landscape-based spatial strategies. Anastasia is also qualified as a Landscape Architect MA and Agriculturist/Horticulturist M.Sc. Most of her recent research has focused on climate emergency issues, the extent to which spatial quality and low carbon can be delivered in regional landscape design as well as the way visual representations contribute to the design process.

Anastasia is a Post Doc researcher and consultant at Birmingham City University and joins the CATiD BCU team, an international, multidisciplinary research, design and consultancy hub. CATiD’s design-led and conceptual approach aims to place quality of life and sustainability-oriented transformation at the top of the political agenda.

Her current and ongoing role in the family business ‘geopoNikologianni’ together with her devotion to represent the landscape profession has given her extensive knowledge in business practices. She is the Chair of the Emerging Professionals Advocate of IFLA World aiming to support landscape architects and designers. Acknowledging that policy plays a significant role in the way large-scale design is implemented, Anastasia is a member of both the Policy and Communications committee and the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Response Panel for the Landscape Institute (UK) and has an active role in various initiatives such as the recent ‘Climate Change Guide for Local Authorities’ in the UK.  Holding committee positions at professional organisations have allowed her to work in areas related to climate change and the landscape, fulfilling her passion for the creation of a global network promoting the landscape profession. Anastasia is also a Certified Professional in Accelerating Transitions by EIT Climate-KIC and a member of their Network of Coaches.   

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