Creating a song for new book and film on eczema

The Dragon In My Skin online events, organised by Fiona Cowdell at Birmingham City University

Professor Fiona Cowdell has teamed up with an orchestra, among others, to host a series of online music workshops for children with eczema, which will result in the creation and recording of a song to accompany a new book and film.

Spreading the message

Fiona has worked with writer Hazel Gould and illustrator Jay Nolan-Latchford on a new book for children, The Dragon In My Skin, which conveys key messages about eczema treatment and self-care to children living with the condition.

These online music workshops, which will also feature songwriter Abimaro Gunnell, will see the team work with children to create a song to pair with both the book and an animated video.

The whole package will then be shared with schools.

“It’s another way of articulating the key messages concerning eczema care,” says Fiona, who is Professor of Nursing and Health Research at BCU.

“Once this stage is completed, I will be creating a resource for KS1 teachers across Birmingham and Nottingham, including an online workshop, a copy of the book and a series of brief activities which will be linked to the curriculum and free to access.” 

Improving awareness and management of eczema

The sessions form part of Fiona’s long-standing Eczema Mindlines project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, which is committed to improving the treatment and management of the skin condition.

“This is the next phase of Eczema Mindlines,” Fiona explains. “Previously, I’ve worked with healthcare professionals and citizens to create five key messages designed to improve care and self-management.

“This work represents another opportunity to get the five messages into the public domain.”

The Dragon In My Skin book and teacher resources are now available, view them here.