The School of Law welcomes Visiting Professor Lissa Griffin

Professor Griffin, who has contributed to some of the School’s most influential research projects, has joined the School of Law. Lissa Griffin, Visiting Professor of Comparative Justice  

Working with colleagues across BCU’s Centre of Law, Science and Policy (CfLSP) and the Centre for American Legal Studies (CALS) since 2012, Lissa’s appointment as Visiting Professor of Comparative Justice marks the next step in her collaboration with BCU.

A distinguished law professor at Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law in New York, Professor Griffin has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright Award and achieved several other accolades through her teaching and practice.

Collaboration with the School of Law

In addition to being an external supervisor for several PhD candidates in the CALS and CfLSP, Professor Griffin regularly engages with LL.B American Legal Studies students at BCU as a guest speaker, internship supervisor and teacher.

She has also contributed to several research projects and outputs produced by the School of Law, including the UPR Project at BCU, which consults on the Universal Periodic Review of human rights for UN member states.

Professor Griffin says:

‘I am honoured and thrilled to have been appointed as a Visiting Professor. For the past nine years I have collaborated with the law faculty at BCU on many different projects and the appointment recognises the depth and extent of that collaboration and formalises my role as part of the BCU family.’

Looking to the future

With the pandemic disrupting travel, Professor Griffin will work virtually with the law school, though she is keen to attend the campus when it is safe to do so.

‘Even in our new world of virtual collaboration, there is nothing like being in the presence and community of the people you’re working with – students, faculty, administrators – to give depth, connection and added pleasure and rewards to what we do.’

Throughout her professorship she will engage in teaching, research and doctoral supervision activities, including further development of successful UPR submissions.

‘It’s all very exciting.  I’m currently supervising a CALS intern, collaborating on a UPR submission, publishing an article on incorporating international human rights into US domestic law and supervising a PhD student.’

Lissa Griffin, Visiting Professor of Comparative Justice