Sport and Exercise Science

Our Sport and Exercise Science team carry out research across various areas.   

Matt Cole (Sport and Exercise Nutrition)

Research interests include:

  • Physiological responses to a nutritional stimulus during exercise (primarily muscle efficiency and central fatigue).
  • Relationship between body composition and intra-cranial pressure in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).
  • Monitoring of body composition and BMR in elite professional rugby players, particularly during rehabilitation from injury.
  • Large scale public health nutrition interventions that can impact within local, national or global populations.

Peter Thain (Sports Therapy)

Research interests include:

  • The effects of cryotherapy on neuromuscular control
  • The effect of ice baths on delayed muscle soreness. Reaction time of ankle musculature in response to sudden ankle perturbation
  • Developing novel methods for analysing the dynamic defence mechanism of the ankle in response to sudden ankle perturbation.
  • Monitoring load within a sporting team
  • Epidemiology of Sporting Injuries 

Irfan Khawaja (Physical Education and School Sport)

Research interests include:

  • Physical activity levels in children and young people
  • The use of technology including heart rate monitors and GPS to measure heart rate intensity and physical activity location.
  • Investigating the reasons why children and young people take part in physical activity through the use of focus groups etc. – The power of student voice.
  • Identifying and addressing the barriers to physical activity through the use of physical activity interventions. 

Natalie Walker (Sport and Exercise Psychology)

Research interests include:

  • Psychological factors related to injury onset
  • Adherence to sports injury rehabilitation
  • Psychological skills training for rehabilitation
  • Psychological responses to sports injury
  • Re-injury anxiety/Fear of re-injury
  • E-learning
  • Peer supervision
  • Professional practice groups/communities of practice

Ayazullah Safi (GRTA and PhD Student) 

Research interests include:

  • Physical activity participation rates & barriers to exercise
  • Work-based physical activity interventions