Loukia Tsaprouni

Research Director for the School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences
0121 300 4330

Loukia Tsaprouni is a Professor in Health with interests in the areas of Genomics and Epigenetics of common diseases, complex traits aiming at the discovery of molecular origins of human disease, and the development of novel diagnostic and intervention strategies. She completed her PhD and Post-Doctoral qualifications at Imperial College before joining the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Research Fellow. She joined Birmingham City University in 2017 as the School Research Director.

Working alongside world leaders both at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College and the Sanger Institute, she has experience studying the molecular and cellular aspects of complex human disease working towards developing novel therapeutic targets, using animal and cell models as well as patient samples.

The focus of Loukia’s research is to monitor epigenetic changes and post-translational modifications involved in respiratory and cardiovascular age related diseases with a particular focus to nutritional interventions in order to slow down or alleviate the disease onset. Her group investigates epigenetic changes in the genome of induced pluripotent stem cells and their parental fibroblasts in twins and how those signatures can be altered by nutritional changes.

Loukia has participated in large international consortia, has led research projects and has received funding and awards from the EU commission, the Royal Society, the National Hellenic Research Funding body, the NIH etc. She has published peer-reviewed papers in international journals and has presented her work in international conferences.

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