ODP and Paramedic Science

The Operating Department Practice and Paramedic Science team have a diverse range of research interests that aim to explore pre-hospital and perioperative care as well as education and have experience in mixed methodology, qualitative and quantitative approaches. 

Research Projects

Some examples of current staff research projects are:

Ashley Curtis (Senior Lecturer in Operating Departmental Practice) 

  • Administration of uterotonics in elective caesarean sections and in post-partum haemorrhage

Avril McClement (Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • The development of emotional resilience when preparing Student ODPs for clinical practice

Dave Hughes (Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice)

  • Coping strategies for Student ODP’s

Dezita Taylor (Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • Standardised education and guidelines within robotic surgery.

James Graveson (Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science)

  • An exploration of troublesome knowledge in Paramedic practice
  • Thresholds in the Paramedic mentee to mentor exchange

Julie Quick (Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • The experience of under- and post-graduate students learning enhanced surgical skills in the role of Surgical First Assistant (SFA)
  • Non-technical skills of the SFA

Mark Owen (Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • Non-technical skills of the Surgical First Assistant
  • Approach to patient care from the Surgical First Assistant perspective

Paul Daly (Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • Performance optimisation
  • Human Factors

Stacy Bubb (Programme Lead for Dip HE Operating Department Practice)

  • Surgical hypovolaemia

Simon Nixon (Senior Lecturer in Operating Department Practice)

  • Therapeutics in the perioperative setting