Life Sciences

Health, Education and Life Sciences Our research in Life Sciences includes work in epigenetics, microbiology and bioinformatics, led by our specialist staff:

Loukia Tsaprouni (Epigenetics)

Research interests include:

  • Epigenetics of common diseases and complex traits
  • Epigenetic changes and mechanisms involved in age related disorders such as sarcopenia and COPD
  • The potential use of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells in the treatment of chronic and acute inflammatory disorders.
  • iPS cells and ageing

David Lee (Microbiology)

Research interests include:

  • Gene expression, with particular interest in understanding how the organized bacterial chromosome impacts on, and is impacted by, transcription events
  • How horizontally acquired genes, particularly transcription factors, impact upon gene expression.

David Hughes (Bioinformatics)

Research interests include:

  • Molecular exaptation of SINEs in mammalian genes
  • Identification of antimicrobial peptides in reptiles
  • Evolution of vertebrate egg envelope genes
  • Genetics of stress fracture susceptibility in elite athletes