Meet our Doctoral Researchers

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  • Oluwatimilehin Adeyanju

    Doctoral researcher

    The recent international, regional, and national legislative initiatives seeking to adapt pre-existing international taxation principles and concepts, to the 21 st  century globalised economy, is an indication of a consensus that the pre-existing principles regulating international taxation, is being gravely challenged by...

  • Sabah Athar

    Lecturer in Law

    Sabah Athar is a Lecturer in Law specializing in American Legal Studies. She is especially interested in constitutional law in the United States which is reflected in her teaching interests. She primarily teaches on the American Legal Studies LLB pathway. Sabah is an interdisciplinary researcher and academic, stemming from her...

  • Lamin Daffeh

    Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer in Law

    Lamin is working hard to break down cultural barriers regarding children's rights to education in his home country of The Gambia. 

  • Valentina Dotto

    Doctoral researcher

    Valentina is a PhD researcher in Law at Birmingham City University. Her research involves the study of the Public Trust Doctrine in the context of Environmental Law. Her research aims to tie the doctrine of Public Trust to Necessity Defence. Prior to her PhD. Valentina did a Master's at Lund University specialising in Asian...

  • Maria Eduarda Oliveira

    PhD student

    Maria graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Law with Criminology in 2020. In the following academic year, she was accepted on the LLM course International Human Rights where her initial focus of solely criminal law started adapting with victim’s rights and the mixing of both perspectives from the sides of the law. She...

  • Subhi Hasan

    Doctoral Researcher

    Subhi graduated with a degree in Law in 2016 from An Najah National University in Palestine. He went on to complete his LLM in International Business Law at Birmingham City University in the UK where he received a distinction in his dissertation, which led to him being awarded the Birmingham City University Classic PhD...

  • Samuel Hazle

    Doctoral Researcher

    Sam is a PhD student based in the School of Law, conducting doctoral research focusing on global animal law, intersectionality, and social justice. He is passionate about delivering research that will lead to the improvement of protections for animals, the environment, and marginalised groups. Sam is looking to inspire others...

  • Frida Hernandez Pena

    Doctoral Researcher

    Frida’s focus is environmental law, environmental constitutionalism and international environmental governance. Her background is in low carbon energy transition. She has always had a special interest on human rights, and as she moved forward, her career developed a more particular focus on energy justice, energy security and...

  • Carson Lloyd

    Doctoral Researcher

    Carson is a dual national of both the United States of America and the United Kingdom with an interest in both jurisdictions. Carson holds a First-Class LLB (Honours) with a specialisation in American Legal Studies. She was awarded the Aspiring Researcher Bursary Award and obtained a distinction in her LLM Legal Practice. She...

  • Melisa Oleschuk

    Doctoral Researcher

    Melisa graduated with First-Class Honours in 2020 and received a nomination for the BLSS Outstanding Student Award. She later pursued her LLM in International Human Rights, achieving a distinction and earning the Executive Dean's prize for Outstanding Postgraduate contribution to the School of Law. During her graduation in 2022...

12 items found, viewing items 1 to 10.