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Research Seminar Series

The School of Law’s Research Seminar Series offers insights into the exciting research being undertaken by law school staff, students, and external partners. Seminars often feature work from our Centre for American Legal Studies, Centre for Human Rights, Centre for Science, Law and Policy, and International Business Law Research Group, and explore transdisciplinary ideas, including law’s relationship with social justice, scientific development, and policy-making.  

We hold research presentations, research discussions, and other events throughout the course of the academic year. Join us for invigorating discussion at our upcoming sessions, or catch up on our past sessions with recordings and event reports.

The School of Law’s Research Seminar Series scaffolds opportunities for research dissemination, peer review, networking, and skills development. The series is open to our staff, students, and partners.

Event recordings are available from our 2021/2022 series onwards. Please click on the individual events to find a link to the recording.

2023/24 Series
2022/23 Series
2021/22 Series
2020/21 Series

1. Dr Emilie Ghio - The Logic and Limits of the EU-led harmonisation process in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic
2. Dr Paul Omar, Publishing Strategies n.4 – Views from a UK journal editor
3. Dr Friso Jansen - The role of experts in the development of regulation: a torch in the darkness
4. Rhiannon Frost - Defining Disability: an analysis of the UK’s commitment to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
5. Michael Lane - Facilitating the Success of the Universal Periodic Review in the United Kingdom: An Analysis of the UK Parliament’s Involvement in the Implementation of Multilateral Recommendations
6. Christina Howden - Publishing Strategies n.5 – Publishing in US journals
7. Dr I-Ju Chen (discussant Michael Lane) - COVID-19 and International Law: Gaps and Responses
8. Dr Alice Storey and Professor Jon Yorke - CHR UPR Project: Submission of the third report to the UN Universal Periodic Review.
9. Marinos Papaioakeim, Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society Cyprus. PhD candidate in Diplomacy and International Relations at the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Cyprus] - The Concept and Practice of Defence Diplomacy
10. Dr Valentino Cattalan - Islamic finance, Islamic law and Shari’ah-compliance: paralipomena to the narrative of a cosmopolitan market
11. Keith Gompertz - Telling stories: property Law, family dramas and arguing for different outcomes.
12. Keith Gompertz - A Birmingham chocolate family: corporate governance and philanthropy through a Quaker prism.
13. Anil Matoo - Understanding Fire as Tool of War in Genocidal Regimes: A Heraclitean Perspective
14. Dr Jennifer Gant, Publishing Strategies n.6: editing conference proceedings
15. Chris King - Moral rights for visual artists in the US: the Visual Artists Rights Act 1990 and the 5 Pointz Litigation

2019/20 Series

1. Dr Olga Pleshkova, Staff-student Research Seminar: The impact of the Supreme Court prorogation judgement on the British constitutional law
2. Professor Jon Yorke and Lynn Fulford Shakespeare on Leadership and the Law
3. Dr Tatiana Tkacukova, Access to Justice for LIPs: Applications of Linguistic Research for Socio-Legal Studies
4. Dr Alice Storey, Launch of the UPR Project at BCU: First Stakeholder Report to the USA’s United Nations Universal Periodic Review
5. Dr Nadia Naim, Islamic finance as a catalyst for an alternative Islamic approach to intellectual property economic rights
6. Dr Sarah Cooper, Using Research to Inform Legal Policy and Practice: A Case Study on Compassionate Release
7. Dr Jess Guth, Legal Education Research: What, Why and How?
8. Dr Alan Ma, Emerging legal issues in global supply chains using blockchain technology
9. LLM Student Cohort, Human Rights Day: What human rights means to me?
10. Dr Alice Storey and LLB student Melissa Oleschuk, Research Collaborations between Staff and Students in Practice: HIV, Domestic Violence, and the United Nations
11. Chris King and Samantha Gargaro, Universal clinical legal education for all BCU law students and the role of the Law Clinic
12. Dr I-Ju Chen, A New Generation of EU Free Trade Agreements in the Era of the Digital Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
13. Anil Matoo, The Death Penalty in Hobbes
14. Rose Tempowski, A Model for Assessing the Quality of Scientific References in the State Legislative Process
15. LLM Student Cohort, International Women’s Day
16. Iram Satti, Publishing strategy n.1: Thesis to monograph
17. Dr Sarah Cooper, Publishing strategy n.2: Edited collections
18. Professor Hugh Koch, Becoming more Covid-19 resilient
19. Samuel Grogan , Data protection in light of Covid-19
20. Professor Fernanda Duarte,The Inter-American System of Human Rights and the Organization of American States
21. Stephanie Tytherleigh, Publishing strategy n.3: Publishing a book
22. Dr Liviu Damsa, Discrimination, lack of access, and paradoxes of self-regulation and anti-discrimination policies: The missing anti-discrimination in the self-regulation of financial industry

West Midlands Doctoral Legal Network past events

Building Community and Wellbeing

20th February 2019 

The second event of the WMLDN was hosted at BCU on the 20th February 2019. The event was split into two parts. The first was a workshop on managing various aspects of Doctoral life to promote well-being, hosted by Professor Hugh Koch, who is a Visiting Professor to BCU’s Law School. The second part of the event was a “Shut Up and Write!” session, which is a fantastic technique that encourages focused application.

Details of the event can be found here.