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Engineering: The Future

An engineering student looking at 3d printing

Course aims

This course provides insight into mechanical, electronic and advance technologies in an engineering domain through hands on activities. The course also provides an insight into topics that are taught within the Centre of Engineering undergraduate courses. The Summer School takes inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, in encouraging future engineers to be more creative, right from the thinking process to implementation stage. This course includes exploring the components of both modern-day and future engineering technologies.

Students will be able to work with top research and academic staff from Birmingham City University’s Centre of Engineering located in the state of the art Millennium Point Building in the heart of the City. Throughout the three-weeks, there will be other planned field trips and free time in the weekends for networking and to explore the local history and culture.

What will you study?

Week 1

You will be introduced to computer-aided design. Set up a 3D printer, learning about the types of filaments, nozzle and temperature levels and design your own robot chassis with the support of your tutor.

Week 2

You will learn how to make a simple circuit design using breadboard, sensors and a jumper wire kit. You will also build a collision detection robot using the learned logic and 3D printed parts and demonstrate the work that you have carried out.

Week 3

In this final week, you will gain an understanding about human and robot collaboration by training a robot to perform an assembly task. You will also learn about the use of Augmented and Virtual reality in engineering and have an introduction to future technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and home robots.

Additional Information

Academic Status: Practice based (non-credit bearing)
Faculty: Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment

Dates:  20 July to 7 August 2020 (three weeks)
Venue: City Centre Campus (Millennium Point)
English language requirements: No formal qualification will be needed, although all classes will be taught in English.
Academic pre-requisites: Level 3 or equivalent

Fee: £2,500