International recruitment event goes virtual

The International Office recently adapted to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak by hosting its annual Recruitment Agent Conference online.

This event is usually held on campus to promote the University to representatives of student recruitment agencies from across the UK, which is the third-largest source country of international students for BCU – that is, people from abroad who are already in the UK and recruited here, rather than those who are recruited abroad.

The event saw 21 agencies represented, who were presented with a host of updates including the University’s respond to COVID-19, changes in teaching delivery during the period, student feedback on online learning, provisions for English testing during the interim lockdown period, and a quiz to round off the day.

Despite the virtual nature of what would usually be an on-campus experience, agent representatives said they found the online conference useful and engaging.

The event was co-organised with Birmingham City University International College (BCUIC) and had participation from members of the faculties including Director of International Recruitment and Development from Birmingham City Business School Adila Khan and CEBE Director of International Recruitment and Partnerships Michael Gerges.