Timm Sonnenschein

Senior Lecturer and Course Director Visual Communication BIFCA

School of Visual Communication

Timm Sonnenschein is a Senior Lecturer and the Course Director of the Visual Communication programme of our Wuhan based Birmingham Institute of Fashion and Creative Art (BIFCA). Through his professional work as well as his family connections, Timm has extensive knowledge of Chinese culture which he has been able to apply within BIFCA since joining the team in 2019. He is of German origin and has lived and worked in Birmingham and more recently Cheltenham since 2000.

With a background in documentary photography his image making practice has been shaped by attempts of bringing about social and political awareness, whilst at the same time drawing out positive human connections. As a designer he has been working in the charity sector and, in particular, creating contemporary designs within various Western Buddhist contexts. Timm is the designer and joint editor of Born of Fire and the Void zine. He is a member of the National Union of Journalist (NUJ) and the independent picture library Report Digital.

Areas of Expertise
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