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Students have a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and study in another country while studying at Birmingham City University.

The university’s Erasmus scheme provides students with the opportunity to take part in life-changing experiences while studying for their degree. Erasmus enables students to complete part of their study abroad in one of the many European countries that take part in the scheme. Each school within the university has their own Erasmus co-ordinator that can help students to plan and achieve their dream of studying abroad.

English undergraduate student Charlotte Keogh took part in the Erasmus scheme while studying for her degree in English Literature. Charlotte went to live in Austria for a semester and said this about her experience:

“Going to live and study in Austria was the single most terrifying and tremendous experiences of my life. I left England with a self-taught basic knowledge of German (meaning I could say “hello”, “goodbye” and “can I have a glass of water please?”) and left being able to hold conversations with the gorgeous old ladies who shared my tram journeys through the city every morning. Studying elsewhere meant I had a much broader perspective of teaching techniques, independent learning and different approaches to critical thinking.”

Charlotte visited numerous countries and cities during her stay, all on her student loan budget. Now that she has graduated, Charlotte is looking for Master’s courses in Europe so that she can continue her Erasmus adventure.

Dr Peter Jackson, the Erasmus co-ordinator for the School of English, helps English students with a desire to study abroad by connecting them with one of our partner institutions:

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