Ugochukwu Chibuisi

Ugo's passion to become a researcher was awakened after he had completed his undergraduate degree programme with the University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, where he studied a BEng (Hons) degree in Marine Engineering. The evidence of the development of Ugo's research practice was prevalent throughout his academic study period of three years at the University of Greenwich as he carried out different group and individual research projects.

To this effect, during Ugo's undergraduate final year project he carried out research on renewable energy systems from where he developed a prototype wave energy converter device. A scaled down implementation of the wave energy converter design was built with a rapid prototyping process and tested in a wave tank. The device performed as expected, collecting energy from two degree of freedom of movement, that is in both heave and surge motion of the incident wavelength. The energy extracted was then, used to replicate the generation of appreciable amount of electrical power.

For this research project, Ugo worked very hard to achieve a first class grade (over 80%), and was awarded the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize for Best Overall Performance. Ugo's unending passions to transfer knowledge developed when he was deployed to serve as an Academic Instructor with the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School (NNBTS), Port Harcourt, Nigeria, as a result of the compulsory one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Programme, when he returned from the United Kingdom in November, 2013.

Ugo quickly realised that he was able to impact knowledge in class rooms as he was responsible for training the Batch 23 Trainees who have now passed out to become ‘Ratings’ of the Nigerian Navy, and as well assisting the Work Production Centre (WPC), by providing ICT related assistance. Consequently, Ugo has been privileged to work alongside experienced Naval Personnel’s up to the rank of a Naval Captain - the School Training Coordinator. To this effect he has been able to imbibe the military style of carrying out task, maintaining confidentiality, and use of his initiative in strategic decision making/working under extreme pressure.

All the hard and soft skills developed over time both during his studies and working environment will form the prerequisite skills that will enable Ugo to conduct successful PhD research.

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