What can I do with an Engineering degree?

Thinking of embarking on a career in engineering? You’ll be joining an ever evolving and diverse industry. A career in engineering is not only exciting but will provide you with opportunities to be innovative and shape the world we live in.

In this blog we’ll explore how engineering achievements have shaped how we live and where your career can take you.

There are jobs in sectors that exist now which may not have existed 15, 10 or even five years ago. This is because technology is not static and a move in technology means a change in the type of resources required. Engineers should be aware of technological trends and the impact they have on the engineering sector.

Automotive Engineering

Which Engineering degree is best for me?

The role of an automotive engineer is to design, develop and manufacture vehicles and their engineering systems. These include motorbikes, cars, trucks and more.

As an automotive engineer you’ll be able to choose from a range of career options. Automotive engineering usually focuses on either design, production or research and development. The typical employers of automotive engineers include vehicle manufacturing companies, automotive component suppliers, motorsport teams, design and test laboratories and more.

It is possible to advance to senior positions and management or even move to a related career. If you’re keen on design you could move into creative design or even into teaching and lecturing following further education and training.

Our Automotive Engineering degree is designed to prepare you for industry. You’ll have the option of a placement year which will help you stand out from the crowd and kick-start your career. Experience can also come from initiatives such as Formula Student or WISE. Benefit from our close links with industry, working with companies such as the Morgan Motor Company, Westfield Sportscars and Aquila Racing Cars, Siemens, and GKN. Many of our graduates have progressed into roles with leading companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and Ford Motor Company.

Electronic Engineering

Which Engineering Degree is best for me?

Become a pioneer and transform consumer lives with new technology in a fast-pace field. With a degree in electronic engineering you can find work in many sectors including aerospace, energy, automotive and more.

A degree in electronic engineering will prepare you for careers such as a CAD Technician, Aerospace Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Network Engineer and more.

Your degree will also be useful in other careers such as a Project Manager, Technical Author, Clinical Technologist, Management Consultant and more. The skills you learn in your degree will prepare you for the world of work.

Our Electronic Engineering degree provides the option of a placement year, providing you with a hands-on practical understanding of engineering systems. It will also allow you establish a network of contacts. Former graduates who did placement years have progressed into roles with companies such as Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover and Wilmott Dixon.

Manufacturing Engineering

Which Engineering Degree is best for me?

With a degree in manufacturing engineering you’ll gain skills and technical expertise allowing you to plan, modify and optimise manufacturing processes. These key skills will allow you to work in a number of industries including oil, pharmaceuticals, plastics, biotechnology, machinery manufacture, clothing and more.

As a manufacturing engineer you’ll be creative and analytical meaning you will be a key asset to any team. You’ll design new systems, equipment and processes or work to improve existing systems.

Your employers could be from small local operations to large multinational organisations. There are also opportunities for manufacturing engineers in local governments and utility companies.

Our Manufacturing course will build teach you the principles of manufacturing and make you specialist. Graduates from our manufacturing course have also progressed into senior management roles.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is well suited to those who like to problem solve. The mathematical applications taught on this course won’t limit your career to the engineering industry alone, you could also pursue careers in finance and management.

A degree in mechanical engineering combines maths, science, business, management and technology. This allows you to become problem solvers and combine innovative and creative approaches. You’ll learn how to plan and prioritise, pay careful attention to detail and exercise good judgment.

Jobs related to a mechanical engineering degree include CAD Technician, Maintenance Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and more. With the skills learnt from this degree you’ll also benefit from a career as a Land based Engineer, Production Manager, Technical Sales Engineer and more.

Engineering Courses

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