PGCE Secondary partnerships

BCU Mentor Policy 2021/22

Effective Mentor practice is at the heart of all effective ITE programmes.

Following consultation with partner schools, and in order to build on and sustain high quality mentoring, we have a BCU ITE Partnership Mentor Policy. This document clarifies our expectations for ITE mentoring practice.  The policy is available in all published Mentor Briefing documents and copied here for your consideration.

BCU ITE Partnership Mentor Policy

Core  Mentor Training 2021/22

All mentor training will be held online via MS Teams.

Please click on the links below to watch the Mentor Briefings from Mentor CPD1

The BCU Secondary PGCE Partnership

PGCE Operational Planning for Mentors:

Subject Specific Priorities:

PGCE Mentor CPD1 2021

There will be 3 Mentor CPD Events at the start of each term.  The events will run twice to provide flexibility for partner mentors and materials will be published on this page for further reference thereafter. Dates and MS Teams joining links for the year ahead are:

Term 1

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Option 1:

28 September 2021

3.30 – 5.30pm

Mentors with

Returning 2020/21 trainees only

7 October 2021

3.30pm - 4.30pm

Option 2:

7 October 2021

4.30 – 6.30pm

Term 2

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Option 1:

18 January 2022

3.30 – 5.30pm

Option 2:

1 February 2022

4.30 – 6.30pm

Term 3

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Option 1:

4 May 2022

3.30 – 5pm

Option 2:

9 May 2022

4.30 - 6pm

All mentors are expected to attend each CPD Event and attendance will be monitored. Professional mentors in partnership schools are responsible for ensuring that any absent colleagues review the materials presented and are in a position to sustain high quality mentoring for all BCU trainees.

    At Mentor CPD Events:

    • All revised BCU documentation (including updated calendars, Mentor Handbooks and briefing papers) will be shared.
    • The format and expectations of the 3 Phases of School Based Training will be clearly reviewed.
    • Opportunities for enhanced Mentor CPD will be presented.
    Subject  Mentor Training 2021/22

    Developing beginning teachers with secure subject and curriculum knowledge is a high priority across the BCU Partnership.  BCU secondary trainees start their study of Subject Pedagogy at the start of the PGCE year and submit their final assessment task towards the end of their training.

    At the start of the PGCE year - immediately after CPD Event 1- BCU Subject Leads will email all subject mentors with a brief subject specific presentation.  This presentation will review the BCU Subject Pedagogy Priorities for their subject and outline how the Subject Pedagogy module will operate to support each trainee's ongoing development. 

    This first point of contact will initiate the beginning of a strong training partnership for subject mentors.  Following the first email contact email we expect Subject Mentors to respond by returning their BCU Mentor Tracker to their BCU Subject Lead (see details below). 

    The BCU Subject Leads will also clarify the dates and times for 4 calendared Subject Mentor Drop In sessions over the academic year.  These events will be online events and will run at the end of the school day; they are an opportunity to develop a strong community of practice within each designated subject area  within the secondary the ITE Partnership.  As outlined within the BCU ITE Mentor Policy, all subject mentors are required to attend at least 2 of these events over the year to support their understanding of how BCU trainees are guided through enquiry into research evidence to develop their subject and curriculum practices.

    Drop-In dates are during the following weeks:

    • 1 November 2021
    • 13 December 2021
    • 7 March 2022
    • 13 June 2022

    In addition, BCU Subject Leads will maintain regular contact with their partnership Subject Mentors through emailed subject specific weekly briefings.

    BCU Mentor Tracker

    During Mentor CPD 1 all Mentors are required to complete the BCU Mentor Tracker;  and return this audit to their identified BCU Subject Lead.  School Mentors will use the tracker to audit their individual skills and development needs and in turn discuss these with their link BCU tutor during school meetings / visits.  The tracker and suggested discussion prompts will facilitate ongoing partnership support and serve as guidance for all partnership mentors as they train beginning teachers in their schools.

    These audits will be used to guide future CPD events and ensure that all gaps in mentoring practice are reviewed and supported over the PGCE year.

    BCU Mentor Tracker 2021