Secondary partnerships

Mentor CPD

In all our ITE programmes we offer a tiered approach to Mentoring Professional Development. Our aim is to offer you CPD which is relevant, developmental and useful.

The BCU Secondary Mentor Handbook provides a detailed overview of the expectations of your role and working in partnership with BCU. Across the year, our Mentor CPD events will ensure that BCU are supporting your own development as a mentor with lead events focused on all mentors and bespoke sessions with subject- and phase-specialists that support our mentors’ working knowledge of the BCU ITE Curriculum and its implementation within School-Based Training in the context of the subject/phase you are working in.

Our quick reference guides will provide an overview of everything you need to know about your role and how the School-Based Training documentation supports the mentoring process. 

Mentor training Overview

Quick reference Guide for Professional Mentors

Quick Reference Guide for Subject Mentors

Secondary Partnership Mentor Handbook

PGCE Mentor Training

Wednesday 27th September or Tuesday 3rd October

Please only attend one. The link below is for both days.

You can access a recording of the PGCE School A Mentor Training.

CPD2 PGCE Mentor Training

Wednesday 31st January or Tuesday 6th February

Please only attend one. The link below is for both days.

Join PGCE Mentor Training

The timetable for the sessions are:

  • 4pm is only for new mentors to BCU.
  • 4.30pm - Please could all Subject and Professional mentors join here
  • 5pm - Separate links will be given on the day professional and subject mentor sessions

Undergrad Mentor Training

Year 1 - Subject Mentors - Tuesday, 14th November - 4-5pm
Click here to join Year 1 mentor training

Year 2 - Subject mentors - Tuesday, 30th April - 4-5pm
Click here to join Year 2 Mentor Training

Year 3 Subject mentors - Tuesday, 5th December - 4-5pm
Click here to join Year 3 mentor training

Master's-Level study

All mentors working in our Partner schools are offered the opportunity to enrol and complete a fully-funded Level 7 Module in Coaching and Mentoring. This module allows mentors to:

  • Explore the role of mentoring within schools and wider policy landscape
  • Engage with their BCU Mentor Audit and critically reflect on their current practice 
  • Critically enquire into current research on mentoring in ITE contexts and explore how they could use academic recommendations to enhance their practice
  • Appraise how research and practice can support a deeper understanding of professional practice in ITE mentoring

The module starts in January each year, with enrolment in the second half of the autumn term. Mentors access materials for self-study tasks online via a comprehensive Moodle page and have access to our online library services to use and reflect on wider research.

There are regular opportunities to interact online with our tutors to support progression through tasks, and mentors submit a final 3,000 word assignment in October in the same year. Successful mentors will be awarded 20 credits at Level 7, which they can use both as evidence of Professional Development and as part of further study towards a Master's in Learning and Teaching with us. 

Apply for the Coaching and Mentoring module (you will need to create an account)

Further information about the Coaching and Mentoring module as well as other Level 7 study can be found on our MA Education course page