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Mentor CPD amd support

Effective mentoring practice is at the heart of all effective ITE programmes. Following consultation with partner schools and Mentor Working Party we have identified the following useful links to help you navigate our virtual 'Mentor Handbook' which is on the Primary and Early Years Partnership pages on our BCU website. The following section on Mentoring BCU Associate Teachers - Useful Links will guide you to the relevant documentation to support your understanding. 

Mentoring BCU Associate Teachers - Useful Links

 Mentoring BCU Associate Teachers - Useful links with QR Codes  

Supporting Associate Teachers

School Based Training Mentor Guidance Overview

BCU School Based Training Mentor Guidance Overview  - This is a step by step flow chart to support mentor interactions with BCU Associate Teachers on their school based training. 

School Based Training Mentor Guidance Handbooks 2023-24

Please access the relevant document for comprehensive details about all BCU mentoring processes. 

The PGCE-BAQTS mentor guidance includes:
  • BCU ITE Curriculum and BCU Curriculum Key Themes
  • Key dates and Preliminary visits and support (modified for either PGCE/BA Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3)
  • Placement information, Lesson Observations, Weekly Tasks
  • Professional Development Discussion (including Critical Incident)
  • Relevant proformas to support Associate Teachers
  • Roles and Responsibilities including BCU Hub Leads  
  • Mentor Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Mentor Induction

We ask that all mentors ITE Mentors - person responsible for ITT placements have accessed the following Mentor Induction recording which lasts approximately 49 minutes or viewed the PowerPoint presentation. 

This Mentor Induction outlines:

  • Welcome and updates
  • Ways of working 
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Mentoring Associate Teachers 
  • Supporting Documentation and CPD dates 
  • Market Review 2024
Mentor CPD Calendar 2023-24 

 Mentor CPD Calendar  

Mentor CPD Sessions

All Mentor CPD sessions will be delivered online via MS Teams. 

The expectation is that all mentors will be encouraged to engage with CPD sessions 1 and 2 whether this is to have attended a live, online session or a recording. CPD sessions have been organised to support new mentors and new schools to be able to support Associate Teachers in their school. In addition, we have organised live drop-in mentor sessions to support any questions about CPD content in November, February (SEND and April. 

Your University Tutor is pivotal to supporting you in school, particularly during initial conversations, review and progress meetings and conducting a joint quality assurance observation. 

The following CPD can be accessed using the relevant link below:


November Focus: Giving effective feedback, written and verbal. What makes a good mentor or good mentoring? Supporting Associate Teachers in the critical incident step by step process.

Click to view CPD 1 PowerPoint 

Click to view CPD 1 Recording


November Focus: Using the BCU ITE Curriculum to set appropriate SMART targets to support Associate Teacher development and progress. Critical incident update and quality of evidence. Assessing Associate Teachers accurately against the BCU ITE Assessment tracker. 

Click to view CPD 2 PowerPoint 

Click to view CPD 2 Recording


January Focus: Bespoke: Supporting new schools and mentors working with PGCE SBT2, BA Year 1 and BA Year 2 Associate Teachers. 

Click to view CPD3 PowerPoint 

Click to view CPD3 Recording


March Focus: Challenging our Associate Teachers to use their developing subject knowledge to have an impact on the learners in their class. How does the Progress meeting demonstrate professional competency?

Click to view CPD4 PowerPoint


April Focus: Questions and answer drop-in session to support all mentors in school. 

Monday 22 April or Tuesday 23 April 

4.00 - 5.00 pm 

Ways of working for 2023-24 for Primary and Early Years Mentors
  • All class teachers are 'mentors'.
  • University Tutors will work with individual Associate Teachers in school and liaise with Mentors during their school based placement.  
  • Mentor Standards Tracker for CPD Mentors can, if they so wish use this document as an option to track their own development. 
Further CPD for Mentors

Mentoring in Schools - Book cover

Haili Hughes, author of 'Mentoring in schools - how to become an expert colleague' (2021) delivered a seminar for our partnership schools. View YouTube Link to access.

Contact details: Haili Hughes (@HughesHaili and

Content includes:

  • Mentors: Facilitating the pedagogical progress of novice teachers
  • Building reciprocal relationships
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Feedback and practice - including the use of deliberate practice
  • Being an effective facilitator
  • Learning to thrive - not just survive

For partnership enquiries, please contact the Partnership Team on +44 (0) 121 331 7175 or email