PGCE Secondary

We offer a range of PGCE Secondary Education courses in specialist subject areas. If you're passionate about shaping young minds and committed to ensuring your pupils reach their potential as they work towards qualifications that will affect their life chances, then teaching at Secondary level is for you. Take a look at what Secondary pupils are looking for from you as their teacher:

What routes are available to qualify to teach at Secondary Education level?

You can choose between University-led programmes which are specially designed to develop your teaching skills through university-based modules and placements in schools. You will specialise in a curriculum area, from the range we offer, according to your level of subject knowledge.

Alternatively, you may wish to pursue the School Direct route into teaching. We have School Direct partner schools who offer a range of subjects. Your academic study is provided by us so you still receive a Birmingham City University PGCE certificate.  


What University-led PGCE Secondary courses do you offer?


How do I get a place on a University-led Secondary Education PGCE?

  • Look at the course information on our website so you know what the course entails and make a note of code for the course you’re interested in
  • Apply for teacher training through the UCAS Teacher Training site 
  • If we want to take your application further we’ll invite you to interview
  • We will make a final decision on your application after your interview, which may include making you an offer of a place subject to completion of a fully-funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course
  • Pass your Skills Tests before you enrol on your course  

Do I have to do the Skills Tests?

In short, yes!

The Government has made it a pre-requisite that anyone starting a teacher training course that leads to QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) must have passed their Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy first. You won’t be able to enrol until you’ve passed them.

We advise you get booked, get practising and get passed as soon as you can to take the pressure off.

Every year there’s a big rush of people who leave it until the last minute which causes pressure on the time-slots available to book during the summer holidays. This often means there’s limited availability of test spaces.

Don’t be one of those people! It’s extra stress and can even mean you have to travel a long way to get a time slot for your tests (because your local test centre is fully booked). It also mean you leave yourself no contingency time if for some reason you don’t pass first time.

It might sound a bit daunting but it’s nothing that preparation and organisation won’t solve!

We’ve got a guide to take you through it step by step to success!

Learn more about Skills Tests


What funding is available?

PGCE students are eligible to apply to the Student Loans Company for both a tuition fee loan and a maintenance (living costs) loan.

Find out more

You may also be eligible for a bursary depending on which subject you will be training to teach. For 2019 entry the bursary could be up to £26,000 depending on subject and level of qualifications. There are subjects which do not attract a bursary.

In addition, there are bodies who offer scholarships, which come with additional support and development, to well-qualified candidates. For 2019 entry these are available for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Computing.

Bursary and scholarship information by subject