Teacher Training Interviews

Student teachers practising teaching music How to prepare

Once you’ve got your interview confirmed, you can start preparing! Don’t worry, with a little planning you can ensure your interview day will be a success. Here are our top tips:


Observe the world around you. What stories and events are affecting education (particularly the phase you wish to train to teach, i.e. primary, secondary or post-compulsory education)? What’s your opinion on the latest news?


Research and understand the role and responsibilities of a teacher. Could you meet the expectations? Have a clear view of why you want to be a teacher.


Experience in a school (or post-14 setting for post-compulsory training) is not essential to making an application. However, it does help you to know more about life in the setting you wish to teach in and will give you some personal experience to reflect on.


What are you going to wear? While your interview is online, we are still expecting you to dress for an interview! We need to see that you understand what appropriate professional attire is for a teacher. So decide what you’re going to wear in advance so you can check it’s clean and presentable!


Check your tech! Once you’ve installed Microsoft Teams on the device of your choice, test it! Put in a pretend meeting with a friend or family member so you can check you know how the camera, mic and volume work. You’d be surprised how many people get tripped up by their tech, adding additional stress when you might already be feeling a bit nervous. It’s also worth thinking about your internet connection or WiFi. Is there anywhere in your home (or place you intend to do the interview) that it always drops out? Don’t do the interview in that spot!


Do not disturb To avoid being interrupted by your dad/auntie/little brother/dog (you get the picture!), it's best to tell people that you have an interview so to not disturb you for a while!