Alex Clarke Smith


My name Is Alex Clark Smith and I am doing Computer Networks and Security BSc with honours. I was working at Intel Swindon, which is a chip manufacturer.

My Role

My job was role was working with Network and Telecom services team, so that was supporting the networks and telecoms doing on-call services. From day to day it was basic things like patching, “My phone isn’t working, how can you can fix it?” to on-call services. I had my own projects with real responsibilities that took me to Stockholm where I deployed wireless networks.

Benefits of placement

Most employers want a year's experience. I got a lot out of my placement towards my academic development this year. The stuff that you learn at Uni, it doesn’t really sink in until you do it day in, day out with pressure to get it right. I felt like I actually learnt a lot more from my placement by reinforcing what I had learnt already at University.