Deepali Mistry

After shadowing a Sound Engineer at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Deepali has been able to use the skills gained while studying BSc (Hons) Music Technology to secure three placements as a Head Sound Engineer at a number of different theatre companies.

Why did you decide to do a placement?

Placements offer invaluable experiences as well as an opportunity to network, allowing you to progress further than the capacity of your degree. Before beginning my university journey, I ensured the course I applied for included a placement year because in today’s competitive world, gaining real-life experience, amongst the knowledge and skills taught at university, makes you an ideal candidate when you graduate. For the music industry in particular, the opportunity to apply knowledge to a time-limited, fast-paced environment puts your abilities to the test. It prepares you for the future as well as provide opportunities to impress working professionals, building connections for potential jobs.

What were you doing during your placement?

During Semester 1 of Second Year, I undertook a mini placement at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) shadowing their Sound Engineer for a day. Having been unsure on what career path to follow, this opportunity allowed me to gain a realistic insight into theatre and the role sound engineers play. Since then I have secured three jobs as Head Sound Engineer for two external theatre companies due to the advice, guidance and skills that were provided at the RSC. Gaining these smaller placements throughout my university experience has allowed me to decide a career path, build a network as well as a reputation for myself. Now going into my placement year at Redditch Palace Theatre, I am able to implement and develop my skills taught by the university and placements with confidence.

What was the application process like?

With the help of Careers+ at BCU, I was supported 24/7 with unlimited meetings to perfect my CV as well as develop various cover letters for current and future experiences. With this help I was able to secure a placement with the first company I applied for. In terms of the application process, it can definitely be daunting however once you take the first step, it becomes easier especially with the university’s assistance. I am now successfully applying for companies independently, securing further experience in the working world.

BSc Music Technology offers the opportunity to explore and gain industry connections. The course itself guides and introduces students to industry professionals, giving an insight into the industry as well as provide opportunities to network. The course’s resources introduced me to a placement at the RSC which has now led to me working as a freelance sound engineer for various independent theatres before graduation.

BSc (Hons) Music Technology

Gain professional skills

What are your future career plans and how has your placement affected this?

Prior to the RSC, I was unsure which area of the music sector was for me due to my lack of exposure to the industry. Since gaining experience, I felt a sense of reassurance and belonging to the theatre industry. Since my placement there, I have journeyed onto some unforgettable experiences which further confirmed my decision and has launched my career in the theatre sector.

What placement advice do you have for future students?

Simply put, do it! Gaining work experience during my second year gave me a head start when I applied for my placement year. These experiences build your confidence, professionalism and ability to address the real world. It is a proud and unforgettable moment to see your efforts and experiences rewarded during a job interview, when the employer gives you the power to accept the job or not. I am forever indebted to my first placement at the RSC as it has allowed me to experience moments like that and has undoubtedly kick-started my career before graduating.