What can I do with a Computing and Digital Technology degree?

Thinking about studying a Computing and Digital Technology degree? If so, you’ve picked an exciting industry, with a bigger demand than ever for jobs. Computing and digital technology is a huge part of our everyday life and with new inventions and chances for innovation, embarking on a career in computing has never been so exciting.

What can I do with a Digital Technology degree?

Previously when you’d think of careers in computing you might associate common employers to be IT consultancies or IT providers. However, due to the quick evolution of computer systems and digital devices; computing and digital technology careers are in demand across nearly all sectors including financial services, aerospace and defence, manufacturing, public and third sectors, telecommunications and more.

Computing and Digital Technology degrees combine theory and practical study, providing you with a number of skills that employers are looking for. Below you’ll find just a few of the exciting career paths you can go into after studying one of these degrees. 

Computer Science and Programming

Our Computer ScienceDigital Media Computing and Computer Games Technology degrees will give you the knowledge to create exciting and useful things like smart phones, games, medical simulation, self-driving cars and 3D printed prosthetic limbs. They will provide you with the ability to solve problems and translate solutions to code, as well as the ability to explain problems to technical and non-technical audiences. Careers with these degrees can include:

Simulation Specialist: You will develop worlds for virtual testing for industries such as Aerospace, Medical, or even the Army. Using interactive 3D visualisations, you will be able to show real-life situations that in reality is not possible. 

Software Engineer: A career as a software engineer will involve working in a constantly evolving environment. With continuous advancements in technology you’ll need to stay up to date. Your role will include maintaining, creating and improving systems to meet the needs of the employer.  

Computing and Digital Technology Courses

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Secure Computer Networks

Our Computer Networks and SecurityCyber Security and Digital Forensics degrees will provide you with the skills needed to understand exactly how the internet works, and teach you how to build, manage and secure large networks. Upon graduating, you could work for a wide range of employers. Careers include:

Forensic Computer Analyst: you’ll investigate cybercrime including data breaches, security incidents and other online criminal activities. You could work for the police, law enforcement agencies, specialist computer forensics companies or other large companies such as those in finance. Watch our online seminars to learn more about ethical hacking and cyber-crime vs digital forensics.

Systems Analyst: A systems analyst will modify and enhance existing systems and integrate new features to help improve business efficiency.

Careers in these industries also include Network Manager, Network Engineer and Security Specialist.

Digital Media

Do you love YouTube, TikTok, movies with special effects or playing hi-spec video games like Call of Duty? The list for digital media goes on! This exciting area spans across so many industries to continuously evolve and develop new softwares, apps, graphics, technologies, films, music and more – which is why digital media jobs are in high demand. Careers include:

Visualisation Engineer: Work with leading companies to analyse data and trends. Companies like Netflix and Spotify provide customers with unique options to choose from based on their user history and visualisation Engineers make it all happen. Our Computer Games Technology, Computer Science and Visual Effects degrees could lead you to this job! Find out more about what you can do with a Computer Games degree here.

Software Engineer: As a software engineer you could be working for any industry you want – if you want to be a games developer, you could work for a gaming company as a Software Engineer. You could also work for a bank, healthcare provider, fashion company or telecommunications. The opportunities are endless and can be tailored to where you see yourself in future.

Audio Designer: Just one of the many exciting careers that our Sound Engineering and Production and Music Technology courses could lead you to be is an audio designer. In this role you could be designing audio for games, adverts, films or TV shows. Find out more about what you can do with a Music and Sound degree here.

Motion Graphics Designer/Graphic Designer: in this role, you could be working for digital, marketing or advertising agencies or for a large company in-house in their creative team. You will respond to briefs to create moving visuals, graphics and web designs for clients or the organisation you are working for – usually this role sits within a team of other creatives so it can be a collaborative and enjoyable career. Our Digital Media Computing and Visual Effects courses would be perfect if this sounds like a job you would like to do.

Information and Web Technology

Studying an information and web technology course will equip you with skills to tackle business problems with efficient tech solutions. Learn how to get under the skin of business structures and engineer business processes using technology, for optimum transformation.

Degrees such as Business Information Technology and Computing and Information Technology are well matched for this industry. Careers you can embark on include, Database Administrator, IT Consultant, IT Technical Support Officer, Systems Analyst, Application Analyst and more.

There is a wide range of employers requiring the skills gained from these degrees. Employers can be found in the non-profit sector. They include local and central government, education, charities and the NHS. Employers in the private sector can include software houses, IT consultancy firms, IT service providers and more.

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