Margarita Velasco

Name: Margarita Velasco

Research Title: Adaptation for replaceability of Web services’ Interoperability

Name of Director of Studies: David While and Dr. Pathmeswaran Raju

Key Contact Details - Email:

About the Project: This research aims to investigate the functionality of adapters for replaceability in web services through the identification of possible inconsistences at the web service policy layer.

The expected outcomes of research are to:

  • produce a study about the functionality of adapters used in web services’ interoperability
  • find possible inconsistencies at the web services’ policy level layer
  • provide solutions to interoperability problems faced when web services need to be replaced
  • suggest a direction in research regarding interoperability of web services

Research Activities: This research will evaluate the functionality of adapters using quantitative methods. The methods will include investigation strategies such as software experiments involving different scenarios to evaluate Web services interoperability.

Diverse adaptation scenarios in the Enterprise Systems domain will be considered to characterise the problem of adaptation.

This research will mainly follow these stages:

  • critically review the functionality of adapters in replaceability of web services
  • characterise the problem of adaptation for replaceability by identifying and classifying different adaptation scenarios in web services
  • classify types of mismatches among web services at the policy layer

Findings: This research will develop an understanding on how adapters can be used to solve the interoperability problem when there is an inconsistency among web services.