STEAM work makes the dream work in 2023

After a hugely successful 2022 that saw the opening of its breath-taking five-storey innovation centre, Birmingham City University (BCU)’s STEAMhouse ethos and facility isn’t ready to rest just yet. Jan Gilder, STEAMhouse’s Programme Manager, tells us what the next twelve months will bring.

Posted 09 January 2023

Exterior shot of the STEAMhouse building.

We started the term on 23 January by welcoming students from the School of Computing and Digital Technology to STEAMhouse.

This means our set up programme to deliver our vision for the region, University, students and STEAMhouse members reached another key milestone.

We have achieved much already, but there is much more to come courtesy of the ideas that will emerge when industry and students come together.

Businesses are booming

80 percent of the desks in our STEAMhouse Business Incubator facility, which helps emerging businesses bolster and advance their companies, are now full.

Not only that, but these businesses have created at least 11 new jobs for our students and graduates, helping them begin and advance their career.

Alongside this, we are delivering STEAM innovation consultancy, have piloted and delivered new Master’s-level courses in CDT, and we complete the EU-funded Create programme at the end of March.

We also have a range of membership packages lined up to be launched over the next few months, which includes the workshops.

Hatching a plan

Last year, we introduced the STEAM Hatchery programme for final-year, Master’s and PhD students, as well as recent graduates, to turn their business ideas into a reality with the help of part of £10,000.

The Production Space is offering last year’s participants the access to support their products and services, assisting faculties with their targets to deliver employment / self-employment for students.

One of last year’s finalists, sneaker entrepreneur Rishika Bhalla, has also been nominated for a Signature Award under the category ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. Fingers crossed she wins.

The 2023 edition of the STEAM Hatchery is set to return on Monday 5 June and we can’t wait for more talented students and graduates to bring their new ideas to the table. For more information, contact

Finally, by the end of December 2023, we will have installed a Digital Innovation Hub for collaborative research and STEAM experimentation with business.

Not only that, but by then we would have also completed a commercial fit-out for part of the Second Floor to accommodate businesses that are on a waiting list to work with us. Meanwhile, the top floor will be ready for an anchor tenant to add their own finishing touches.

A centre for innovation and inspiration

Last year saw the opening of our landmark STEAMhouse innovation centre.

It is an amazing facility, offering a place for learning, as well as a space for students, graduates, staff, entrepreneurs and small business members to flourish.

Remember, though, it is only a building and we have installed the ingredients we need to have new conversations. We need to make them work together for a new future.

The heritage of the façade tells us that growth is achieved by the industry of people working together, which is why the approach that we call STEAM, both in and from STEAMhouse, is so important.

STEAMhouse and its ethos is now open to those who are curious, those looking to share knowledge skills, and those looking to experience and try new things.

The café is serving coffee and cakes and is, at long last, furnished. Please come and see us. You don’t need an appointment to have a tea or coffee - STEAMhouse is now open for everyone to visit and I strongly recommend you come along, collaborate, engage and enjoy.

Ready to get involved?

We have a vision to inspire and bring to life ground-breaking ideas as a global leader in STEAM innovation.

What are your possibilities looking forward in 2023? If you want to talk with businesses or even bring your business contacts or ideas to STEAMhouse, get in touch.

There is enormous potential in our students, staff, members and businesses. 

If you want to find out more and be involved in STEAM, the wider community, business collaborations and projects, visit the STEAMhouse website.