Birmingham-based tech business expands into IP protection

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CEO James Alabi, Birmingham City University student Laurentiu Nae and CTO Bamidele Popoola, will be launching their new software business Cude this October. 

Staff of The Cude

The Birmingham-based business have developed software which will protect businesses from digital threats and data mismanagement. After an increase in data breaches, it is more important than ever for businesses to secure not only their business data but also their IP. 

Through the use of AI, Cude will work to protect businesses from the high costs that comes with high-level data breaches. Providing businesses with that extra layer of security and peace of mind.

“Our motivation to launch this venture stemmed from our desire to provide a solution to these problems, as we observed an increasing number of individuals and entities facing these challenges.” Explains James Alabi

Making businesses safer

Following thorough research, the team identified the absence of adequate support within this domain for businesses. From this, The Cude has sought to respond to the challenge and gap in the market.

“Our research involved direct engagements with numerous businesses and industry contacts. We actively sought out their insights and feedback to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they were facing.” Says James

Looking at the future of the business and what they hope to achieve, the team describe how their primary goal for the business is to address the issues identified in their research and provide effective solutions to their target audience. Adding that “ultimately, we hope to make a significant positive impact on the industry by reducing these common pain points and enhancing the overall experience for our clients.”

Aspiring to streamline legal protection, prevent IP theft, expedite payments, and minimize scope creep for businesses and individuals. Working to achieve in making a significant impact on the industry by reducing these common issues and enhancing the overall experience for their clients.

Supporting the talent of the future

Working closely with Birmingham City University, the team are delighted to be hosting the launch of their new business in the state-of-the-art building, STEAMhouse.

Not only are the business a well-known resident of STEAMhouse, but they have also supported students and graduates through employing to gain experience in this industry. Working in partnership with the Higher Level Skills Match project, part-funded by the European Social Fund, the business has recruited seven students and graduates.

Feeding back on the students and graduates working with the business, James says “These talented individuals have proven to be valuable assets to our team, and we anticipate continued growth in our association with the university's talent pool.”

Bringing experts together

Businesses from across Birmingham are being invited to an event to mark the launch of Cude. Held at BCU’s STEAMhouse, as well as hearing about how Cude can support their business, they will also have the chance to hear from a panel of experts in AI, IP and tech.

The event will address rising concerns in the business community and will include talks by Dr Mitchell Longan and panel of specialists including:

  • Prof Deborah Leary OBE D.Univ,FRSA, Forensic Pathways
  • Matt Whelan, Trowers & Hamlins
  • Ayobamidele Popoola, CUDE

Book onto the event via Eventbrite.