BCU Director discusses innovation in leading journal

A Director at Birmingham City University (BCU) has discussed the institution’s role in helping businesses to develop new products, services and cultures, as well as providing key guidance and advice, in a new edition of a journal from a leading organisation.

Posted 28 October 2022

Jo Birch, Director of Innovation, Enterprise and Employability, talks at the STEAM Hatchery launch.

Important, leading journal 

Joanna Birch, Director of the University’s Innovation, Enterprise and Employability directorate, discussed the importance of innovation ecosystems in the Autumn edition of the Brite Innovation Journal.

The Journal is created and assembled by the Institution of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute), the world’s leading governing body for innovation that boasts advisors from Rolls-Royce, the BBC, GlaxoSmithKline and more.

The IKE Institute provides insightful training and support to businesses around the globe who are looking to diversify, disrupt and update their offerings in order to anticipate forthcoming challenges and changes in customer demands, among other aspects.

The Brite Innovation Journal invites contributors from industry who have “challenged the norms, discovered something new and wish to share their thoughts, views and suggestions to others.”

Discussing the importance of innovation

In the article, Joanna discussed innovation ecosystems – a network of companies, professionals and entities that are brought together by a shared set of technologies, knowledge and skills.

“An ecosystem approach to innovation, which leverages talent both inside and outside of your organisation, is a highly desirable and successful way of responding to a competitive, ever-changing environment,” Joanna says in the article.

Joanna elaborates upon the key principles of an efficient innovation ecosystem, most notably connectivity.

The piece also sees Joanna discuss the recently launched STEAMhouse and the inspiration behind it, as well as the University’s business-facing platform, BCU Advantage.

Accredited by leading institution 

Birmingham City University has been accredited by the IKE Institute, becoming only the second institution in the country – and first in the Midlands – to receive the quality mark.

BCU achieved the Investor in Innovations Standard, which recognises how the University has worked with businesses and partners to drive innovation and growth, as well as the research taking place across the institution which is breaking new ground in a range of disciplines.

The Investor in Innovations Standard marks out organisations as leaders in innovation and key exemplars for other businesses. It is aligned and mapped to the internationally recognised ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems guidance.