Starting a Business at Uni

My name is Mary and I studied accounting and finance at ABC. I started my business venture in the Pre-Incubator, which is a place for new business ideas to grow and develop. They hosted 1 to 1 sessions, which has helped me develop my business skills and support with the registration of my business. BCU also offered a hatchery program for new businesses to further develop and grow into bigger, more established companies. When I had this idea, it was just an idea and literally I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't even know how to fill out the business plan form or anything. So for me, just walking into the STEAMhouse and then talking to the business mentors was a huge deal. But everything was easy because I had the right people around me and I had the best support. So BCU definitely has enhanced every little idea that I've had, not only in terms of business, but in terms of being professional and in terms of me as a person as well. For me, starting a business seemed like a leap into the unknown, but with the help and support of the business mentoring at BCU, I was able to kick start and develop my business and I'm proud of what it achieved.  

Accounting and Finance student Mary started her own business whilst at university. With the help of STEAMhouse's pre-incubator, she received support, guidance, funding and more. If you're thinking about starting your own business, BCU is the perfect environment to do so. Did you know? BCU has the highest number of student and graduate business start-ups of any university in the West Midlands!


Alem Al-Khamiri, Mentor of the STEAMhouse Hatchery Program and Digital Director of Fuel Communications explores the essentials for starting a new business.

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Working in industry

Business courses at BCU work with local, national and international businesses to enhance student learning through placements, workshops, live briefs and guest lectures from industry professionals. 

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