The Biggest Events in Europe

With a population of over 747 million people over 44 countries, Europe is a hub for some of the world’s largest events. 

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There are thousands of events each year such as festivals, sporting events, music concerts and many more. But what are the biggest events we have to look forward to in the coming years?

The Euros

The European Football Championships, commonly referred to as “The Euros”, is Europe’s largest international football event and, although it’s been postponed until June 2021, the event is still expected to be the biggest one yet, after a huge change to the format. What makes this particular version of the event so large is the fact that more than one country will host matches. It has been confirmed that, so far, games will be played over 12 major cities around Europe, with the semi’s and final to be held at Wembley Stadium in London.

The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are a major global sporting event, and it will next be staged right on our doorstep in Birmingham! Set to take place in 2022, Birmingham proved to be the perfect destination for the event, as not only does it have existing facilities, but the city also has plenty of room to expand to cater for every team and event. These facilities will aim to inspire a new generation of athletes across the UK.

The games also represent a fantastic opportunity for those looking to study Event and Sport Management degrees in the city, such as the ones at Birmingham City Business School.


Festivals are a huge in Europe, ranging in size, duration and variety. One festival that stands out is Tomorrowland, which is held in Belgium each year and attracts hundreds of thousands of people annually. The festival is purely music based and brings together genres such as EDM, house, techno and drum and bass. It’s the one festival where all the world’s top DJ’s come together to perform. So if you are a fan of this type of music, you really are spoiled for choice.


The majority of the world’s largest esports events take place in America. However, The FIFA eWorld Cup, previously known as the FIFA Interactive World Cup, is one of the largest online esports games in the world which revolves around EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. The event itself is held in London and has been for the last three years, with the majority of fans watching online. The event brings together the best FIFA players in the world, to compete for a huge cash prize of half a million dollars.


The Eurovision Song Contest is an international competition which occurs once every year. Each country performs one song, and every other country votes for who they think performed best. The destination of the event changes every year, with the new location determined by the winner of the previous year’s contest. The competition is hugely popular around Europe and millions of people each year tune in to watch the event which is broadcast live on TV and radio.

Europe is hub for the world’s largest events. No matter what your interests are, there are always events of some sort. Whether it be sport, music, gaming, comedy or movies, there are events for for everyone! Want to be involved with the management side of this global industry? Find out more about our EventSport and Esport Management courses at Birmingham City University.