Online Course FAQ

Online learning FAQs

How will I be taught?

All of your learning materials will be made available on the University’s Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle.

You will start your programme of study with a two-week e-learning unit, ‘Introduction to Online Learning at BCU’. This will provide more information about how your course will be structured, give you an opportunity to check that that technology works for you, and explain how you can access your course resources.

Your course materials will include a combination of: required readings; media-rich, interactive and narrated presentations that you can work through in your own time; collaborative group discussions, and individual activities such as quizzes and recording your reflections on your progress in your learning journal.

Business School courses

For both full-time and part-time pathways, you will study each 20-credit module over ten weeks with two weeks to complete your assessment. The final Dissertation project module consisting of 60 credits is completed over a two term period. You will have a break of at least one week between the modules.

MSc Psychology

For both full-time and part-time pathways you will study each 20-credit module over ten weeks, during three Term periods. Your final Dissertation project module consisting of 60 credits and completed over a two Term period. Some modules will include the completion of two Assessment elements occurring at different points within the module’s duration. We have both September and January enrolment periods. Please note the January enrolment modular learning pathway involves modules being taught across the Summer Term. You will be required to successfully complete all modules and your dissertation to be awarded the BPS accredited Masters qualification.

Can I study the material faster if I wish?

Content will be released one module at a time, and although it is designed to be completed over ten weeks, you are free to work through the learning material and individual activities at your own pace. You will, however, need to submit your assessments at specific points. Group activities will also be scheduled to maximise participation by students across multiple time zones.

How will I be supported?

Your Module Leader will welcome you to the module and ensure you can access all of the materials. They can also provide advice and guidance along the way. You can also chat with your peers as you progress through the course.

In addition, you will be allocated a Personal Tutor who will provide pastoral and academic support throughout your studies.

Our academic staff and administration teams will be available during normal working hours.

Will I have an opportunity to work with other students on my course?

You will frequently collaborate with other students – sometimes in small groups – via online forums.

What equipment do I need?

As this is an online course you will need a computer or laptop to enable you to engage with the materials fully, and a good internet connection.

Which books do I need to buy?

All materials will be available to you online, as e-books or electronic journal articles. If you would prefer to have physical copies of any course materials, second-hand versions are often available, but this will be entirely optional.

Is my online degree the same quality as a degree studied on campus?

Yes. Our high-quality online programmes follow the same Academic Regulations as our campus Master’s degrees, and are just as in-depth and focused.