10 Art Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram can be a minefield of content! For those artists looking for some fresh ideas, information and inspiration, we've put together a list of ten accounts from artists, galleries and collectives that we think you should be following.

Ryan Gander - @ryanjgander

Ryan Gander is an internationally renowned British artist who lives and works in Suffolk and London. A self-described “Proper-‘Gander’-ist”, he works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, apparel, writing, architecture, painting, typeface, publications and performance. He is a curator and educator, so Ryan has also written and presented programmes on contemporary art for the BBC. You can follow his Instagram for updates on his work and exhibits, as well as snapshots of daily life which often include his personal social commentary.

Eastside Projects - @eprjcts

Eastside Projects is a free, artist-run gallery based in Birmingham. Their ethos focuses on creating an adaptable and thoughtful “multiverse” which puts put the artistic practice at the centre of city life. As well as commissioning artists, curating exhibitions and programming events, they work alongside the community on public art projects and work to create structures which support artistic practice and display. If you follow their Instagram you can keep up to date with the work they are doing and the artists they support.

Lubaina Himid - @lubainapics

Lubaina Himid is a British painter, originally born in Zanzibar. Her expansive career has focused on creating work which uncovers the histories of marginalised cultures and figures and aims to challenge institutional invisibility. She was a recipient of the Turner Prize in 2017. Her Instagram account is worth following for updates on her work and life, as well as the occasional reading recommendation for those interested in art and art education.

Harminder Judge - @harminderjudge

Harminder Judge is an artist who works across multiple mediums, including performance, sculpture, painting and installation. He has spoken to publications about spirituality in contemporary art and uses Eastern traditional artistic practices and links with the Western world as material within his work. Head over to his Instagram to check out some of his work.

Birmingham Art Map - @birminghamartmap

If you are wanting to keep up to date with artistic goings on in Birmingham, this is definitely one to follow. Run by Eastside Projects, a local artist-run space in Digbeth, they produce a quarterly PDF map with listings of current exhibitions, performances and events, as well as keeping their Instagram updated with the latest information. Many exhibitions and events are free to attend and the local nature of the listings means that they are easily accessible for those living in and around the city.

Sean Edwards - @seanjedwards

Sean Edwards creates sculpture works out of the everyday. Based in Wales, he works in a variety of disciplines such as sculpture, film, photography and print. His Instagram feed includes photos from his working life and social commentary, including thoughts on recent news headlines.

Ikon Gallery - @ikongallery

Ikon is an internationally acclaimed contemporary art gallery, located in Birmingham’s city centre. They host regular exhibitions from renowned artists in their two-floor exhibition space, many of which are free. With the adjoining Yorks Café and gallery shop, it’s ideal for an afternoon out in the city. You can follow their Instagram to keep up to date with the latest exhibitions and events.

Sarah Taylor Silverwood - @sarahtaylorsilverwood

Sarah Taylor Silverwood is a visual artist who works with drawing. Often collaborating with other people, her work includes public art work, animations, exhibitions, sculptures and more. She is an artist in residence at The British Consulate in Chicago (2014) and has taken her work all around the world with recent projects including Daphne (2019) at The New Art Gallery Walsall and Aspex Gallery. Check out Sarah’s Instagram to keep up to date with her work.

Sofia Niazi - @sofia_niazi

Sofia Niazi is an artist and illustrator based between London and Birmingham. Her current work involves running a community Risograph print studio in Newham, Rabbits Road Press, and has previously produced work for Serpentine Gallery, Museum of London and Barbican amongst others. Keep up with Sofia’s current work exploring themes around housing and technology on her Instagram.

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts - @barberinstitute

Located on the University of Birmingham campus in Edgbaston, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts is both a concert hall and local gallery. It hosts a multitude of work, including pieces by Monet and Van Gogh, and has art exhibitions in a variety of media including paintings, sculpture, coins and decorative art. You can keep up to date with the latest of the exhibitions they have on offer as well as upcoming events and concerts by following their Instagram.

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