A day in the life of an Architecture student

Paige Hills is a second year student on our BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course. Attending lectures and classes, managing project deadlines and independent study alongside her social life keeps Paige very busy! Here she gives us an insight into a typical day in her life as a student at BCU.

8:30am: I wake up, have breakfast and shower. Doing these three things gets me out of bed and in a productive mindset. For me it’s important to start my week off right, so I’ll have already planned my meals for the week which saves me both money and time.

10am: My morning lectures always start at 10am whether I’m in university or online. The morning sessions are all about collaborations, exploring new perspectives and viewing one another’s work. In the studio, we have ‘pin-ups’ where everyone shows the work they’ve been doing on a particular project. It’s an amazing opportunity to see what other people are doing and their take on the same brief. After the pin-ups, we are taught about different architectural theories and designers who may inspire our future projects.

1pm: Lunch. I always try to get outside at lunchtime and it’s a great way to discover your local area. My flatmate and I enjoy our lunchtime walks along the canals or going shopping in the city centre. If the weathers bad there is always the canteen and huge seating area with cosy pods to chat with your new classmates.

2pm: A little bit more work. Afternoon sessions are more hands-on and practical, so this could be anything from model-making to learning new software programmes. We’re often set a short project and use these new skills to produce some work all in the same afternoon. It’s intense sometimes but very rewarding when you see the final design. During one of our 3 hour sessions we were taught Kirigami and how to produce perspective room sketches, and the task was to create a Kirigami structure and then contextualise it by drawing the structure in a perspective room sketch. At the end of the afternoon, we have a ‘reflection’ where we talk about the day, ask questions, and are set new tasks to do during our self-study days.

5pm: With my uni work done for the day, it’s time to unwind and have a snack. When you do your food shop don’t forget snacks and treats, you’re going to want them, so I’d recommend buying in bulk! I might watch a film with my flatmates, chill in my room or even go to sports clubs or the gym. You’ll be surprised with how much free time you have so choose what you fill it with. I joined the Volleyball society. Joining a club was the best thing for me, you meet so many people and it’s a great way to relieve stress.

8pm: Dinner and wash up. A lot of student flats don’t have dishwashers so prepare for lots of washing up after meals! My flatmates and I often have dinner at similar times, so I chat with them whilst cooking.

9pm: Get ready and socialise! It can be daunting when you first arrive, but I try to get out of the flat, even if just going to the common room and playing Uno with my friends. In my student accommodation during the summer everyone goes to the courtyard in the evening where there’s the table tennis table and benches to hang and meet people.

For me, life experience is crucial for personal and academic development, so I’d say meet and experience as many things as you can at university, and make the most of Birmingham as there is so much to do!

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