A Day in the Life of a Product and Furniture Design Student

Hi! I'm Amelia Hewitt, a Product and Furniture Design student. Interested to know what a typical day in the life is like studying this course? I'm going to take you through what I'd usually get up to on a daily basis.

Product and Furniture Design student, Amelia Hewitt, poses for a photo in the Furniture Design workshop.

8:00 - I wake up pretty early, hop in the shower and have some breakfast. I then pack my bag with my laptop, sketchbook and sketching and modelling tools.

9:30 - I leave my accommodation and walk through campus to the Parkside building.

9:45 - I usually do a bit of admin, checking over emails and teams as well as reviewing the work from my project so far before my classes start for the day.

10:00 - We have our first lecture of the day which is guiding us through the process of writing our specific design briefs for our project and a bit more information about how to present for our formative presentations the following week. After a little break, we have our second lecture on metal manufacturing processes. I really enjoyed this lecture; it was so interesting, and I found out loads of cool new processes I never knew about!

13:00 - My friends and I took a break for lunch. We went a grabbed a hot chocolate from the Starbucks on campus and some of the food from the canteen, I had a sausage roll. We then spent the rest of the hour chatting.


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14:00 - The rest of the day was spent doing independent work. I formulated my brief where I decided to focus on enhancing the experience of serving food and started sketching out some ideas for this.

16:00 - to finish off the day, we did a mini-group task, coming up with our own briefs and swapping with other groups to design their briefs. It was really fun to see what ideas other people had come up with and get some experience in dealing with briefs.

18:00 - I left the University and walked back to my accommodation. I relaxed for an hour, before preparing my dinner with my flatmates and talking about our days and what projects we are up to.

20:00 - I spent the rest of the evening winding down and watching some of my favourite documentaries on Netflix with lots of cups of tea!

22:00 - I always try to make sure to get enough sleep, so I chucked on a podcast and settled down for the night to help me feel refreshed for tomorrow.

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