BCU partners with Break Mission

The University has partnered with Break Mission to develop opportunities in Breaking and utilise shared services across our sports departments.

Breaking is a form of break dancing, and is one of the new sports that will feature in the Paris 2024 Olympic sports programme.

The partnership with Break Mission will drive greater participation in this exciting activity, while investigating greater performance indicators within the sport and allowing athletes to train more effectively.

Breaking was developed in the Bronx, New York, in the 1970s and has since developed a worldwide following. Break Mission is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and one of the leading Breaking organisations in the UK, using the activity to develop a culture around dance, music and art, engage with homeless people, and give back to the local community.

The partnership will see Break Mission engage with the Department of Sport and Exercise, and BCU Sport. Working with the Department of Sport and Exercise will allow data to be collected to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of the sport and the physical demands placed on the athletes, while the partnership with BCU Sport will see greater opportunities for students to take part in the activity and utilise university facilities.

Director of Sport and Physical Activity Mark Jeffreys said: “This is a great partnership with Break Mission, which allows us to increase participation in an exciting activity and reap all the benefits that it brings.”

Break Mission Co-Founder David ‘Footloose’ Russell said: “We’re pleased to be working with such a prestigious university and can’t wait to see the developments we have planned come together, and help the community grow as we move forwards to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.”

Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Nutrition Dr Matt Cole added: “Being able to test the breakers and understand the demands of the sport from a biomechanical, physiological, psychological and nutritional perspective, will allow us to help improve performance and support the athletes to a greater extent.”