Knowledge Exchange Framework

The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) is a new government-led initiative to describe and compare university performance in knowledge exchange activity.

BCU’s KEF performance has been ranked against 7 areas of knowledge exchange activity, including our research partnerships, work with business, skills enterprise and entrepreneurship and IP and commercialisation. This is supported by three narrative statements which describe our institutional contextlocal growth and regeneration (LGR) and public and community engagement (PCE) activities.

More information on the KEF assessment, and the importance of knowledge exchange to our University for Birmingham mission is available here. You can also contact the BCU KEF team via email.

Institutional context

Information to contextualise BCU’s knowledge exchange activity, including our history, mission, and Institutional strengths.

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Local growth and regeneration

BCU’s approach to local growth and regeneration; the type of activities delivered; and how we communicate impact.

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Public and community engagement

Summarising BCU’s approach to identifying and supporting public and community need; and examples of activity.

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