5 ways you can learn more about our faculty

Got a spare moment or two? Why not spend some time getting to know our Arts, Design and Media faculty. Read more to discover a few ways you can stay connected with your faculty and receive the latest updates.

1. Follow us on social media

The quickest and easiest way is to give us a follow on our various social media profiles. It takes seconds and you will be provided with endless news and updates across BCU, which covers ADM related content too.

There may be a social media channel specifically made by and for your course too, which highlights student workshops and regularly shares what students upload.

Some examples are below:

To find out if your course has a course-specific social media, you will need to enquire about it with one of your lecturers, or have a quick search yourself!

2. Read our blog

We have blogs for each school which showcase a range of things happening within ADM, this could be student or staff stories, highlighting successes, general news or tips for when you graduate.

The aim of the blog is to be a varied source of news material which gets updated frequently.

Who knows, maybe you will make it on our blog some day!

You can find each school blog here:

3. Get to know your lecturers

We are fortunate to have a diverse cast of staff who are experienced within their respective industries. This gives you the best possibility to be provided with expert knowledge and skills which will prepares you for the industry which awaits you upon graduation.

You can read staff profiles which highlights key achievements and how our staff became part of BCU on our website on each school page.

Some staff members will still create work within the industry whilst being a lecturer at BCU, and many have a social media presence which showcases this such as Kristian Jones and Martin Donnelly. Be sure to take advantage of this and ask as many questions as you can!

4. Scholarships we offer

Here at BCU we offer a range of scholarships for students. Each scheme is different and will be suited for different purposes, including international scholarships to help give you experience overseas.

5. Read 'I Am BCU' student stories

Although this campaign covers all subject areas and schools from across the University, our I AM BCU student story campaign is a great way to read real stories from our students. Look out for stories from your course and school, or stories that connect with your experience. We have a diverse range of profiles which reflects our student community.

Hear more from our students on how they’ve overcome challenges to achieve their goals.

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