Art graduate creates installation for Birmingham 2022

A recent Art graduate started her career on a high thanks to being commissioned to create a large piece of public art to be enjoyed at the Commonwealth Games.

Georgia Tucker, who graduated with an MA in Fine Art earlier this year, took on the role as a Commissioned Artist for the Games after being asked to create an outdoor public art installation celebrating aquatics.

Based outdoors in Sandwell Valley Country Park, Fluitō was an interactive, outdoor public art installation inviting participants to explore different layers of aquatics.

Through an augmented reality (AR) experience, the experience was accessible to all and participants from all 72 Commonwealth Countries were able to participate in Fluitō from anywhere in the world online. Fluitō also allowed landlocked Birmingham residents to dive in and experience the escapist feeling of being near water.

She said: “I wanted to create an experience which showcased the agility and beauty of elite swimmers but combined with the positive mental impact of swimming, the meditative feeling of being underwater, water inequality within Commonwealth countries and ocean pollution.

“Through a maze of projection, soundscapes, mirrors, visuals and film, Fluitō integrated the virtual with the physical to create a transfixing immersive experience.”

Georgia took inspiration from the everchanging Birmingham city landscape as well as her passion for raising awareness of protecting our planet for the work, which placed two scaffolding cubes one inside the other which the viewer could the explore within.

She said: “Climate anxiety can leave people feeling overwhelmed rather than inspired to change. The experience of Fluitō is playful and memorable and although people do need to alter their behaviours, I wanted to showcase there is beauty in the future and a purpose to changing.”

During the creation of the project, Georgia was keen to represent a diverse sector of the swimming community. She examined the way swimming impacts people’s lives, professionally and competitively but also socially, as a way to connect with others or meditate in solitude. The soundscape incorporated first-hand interviews with communities and individuals whose lives have been positively impacted by swimming.

Celebrating local talent was a key part to the artwork, as Georgia, who is from the city herself, aimed to reconnect audiences and highlight Birmingham as a cultural and sports hub. She said: “Having the Commonwealth Games in my home city was very exciting and being a part of the B2022 Festival felt extra special.

“The sense of community Birmingham had while hosting, meeting athletes both local and international, creating something to share with others, as well as the celebration and diversity present during the festival made me feel really proud.

“I think the games has highlighted how Birmingham has the potential to host large events and experiences, and extremely successfully. Everybody I met throughout the games commented on how friendly Birmingham was. It showcased our diverse culture and turned Birmingham into a destination.”

Georgia has now set up her own company and hopes to continue to work on more commissions in the future.

Find out more about Georgia’s work here.