Sustainable shopping in Birmingham

Birmingham has a great range of sustainable shopping options from food to beauty. Whether you're looking to reduce your plastic waste or cut out fast fashion, there are heaps of options to try. 

Posted 01 January 2024

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The Clean Kilo

The Clean Kilo is the UK’s largest zero-waste supermarket. You can bring your own containers to fill with the products on sale and they stock everything from pasta to cleaning products. You can also find a range of other items to help you live sustainably like reusable makeup pads, wooden toothbrushes, beeswax wraps and more. They're based in Bournville but you can also order online for delivery to most B postcodes. 


A great way to become sustainable in your shopping habits is to buy vintage and Birmingham has a great offering of vintage shops. Our personal favourite vintage spot is COW in Digbeth, who sell affordable and unique vintage designs as well as reworked pieces. You can find women’s and men’s products and retro accessories, all perfect for getting the right aesthetic.

Medicine Bakery & Gallery

Did someone say cronuts? If you love sweet delicacies and enjoy pondering over paintings then Medicine Bakery & Gallery is the place for you. Medicine is a bakery which produces ethically sourced food to the backdrop of art. We particularly love their organic sourdough which has no additives.  So if you’re peckish for bread, lunch or pastries visit!

Red Brick Market

Supporting local, independent businesses is a great way to shop more sustainably. Head down to the Red Brick Market in Digbeth to find local traders, eco-friendly stalls and unique, one-of-a-kind gifts all under one roof.