Where to go if you’re a Brummie cheese lover

Whether it’s camembert, halloumi, mozzarella, stilton or manchego that sets your heart a-flutter, there are some great spots for cheese lovers in Birmingham. From toasties to mouthwatering cheeseboards, the options below will be guaranteed to put you in a cheese coma – even if you’re a vegan. You’re welcome!

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The Wolf 

At this craft brewery in the Jewellery Quarter you can dig into an excellent range of toasties on sourdough bread, absolutely divine. Plus every Tuesday it's 50% off food, what a treat!

Medicine Bakery 

Nestled on New Street in an unassuming spot next to Nando’s, Medicine Bakery is the perfect spot for brunch, especially as they offer a halloumi breakfast sandwich. Fancy a toastie? They do a classic croque monsieur as well as some more out there options for the cheesy daredevils amongst you. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a homemade cruffin on your way out (a croissant in muffin form – trust us. Magical.).

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Cheeseboards more your thing? At Arch13, found between the city centre and the Jewellery Quarter, you can build your own custom cheeseboard, adding fancy charcuterie if that’s your bag. You get delicious Peel and Stone bread, plus chutney and crackers. 

Anderson and Hill 

If you fancy stocking up on your own personal cheese for your fridge, Anderson and Hill is the place to go for something out of the ordinary that can’t be found in your average supermarket. You can taste, test, and spend your life savings on the best cheese in Brum. They also stock amazing meats and antipasti items, as well as fancy Italian olive oil, pasta sauces, dried mushrooms, and various other bougie cupboard staples.


What’s pizza without cheese? That’s a rhetorical question, because we don’t want to know the answer. Rudy’s has a swathe of cheese options as part of their starter platters – think burrata, mozzarella, fior di latte…and then come the pizzas! There are loads of options for your pizza toppings, with specials changing every week, and some great vegan options too. Why not try smoked mozzarella, or swap out the bog standard moz with the game-changing buffalo version. Drool.

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Indico Street Kitchen 

If paneer’s more your cheesy go-to, The Mailbox’s Indico Street Kitchen has a delectable chilli paneer starter or paneer curry. And if fancy something a bit different, you could go for a paneer tikka paratha roll. Excuse us while we attend to our dribbling.

Urban Cheesecake 

Not had enough cheese with your toasties, cheeseboards and pizzas? How about some cheesecake for pud? Usually one to catch at Digbeth Dining Club, Urban Cheesecake have taken this simple dessert staple to the next level. Fruity, chocolatey, seasonal, fancy sauces…they’ve thought of everything. Just remember: no sharing.

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