Birmingham's best burgers

Whether you’re a fully loaded burger type of person, or a ‘no bun, hold the cheese, no lettuce and no tomato, patty well done’ type, Birmingham has a wealth of burger options to suit all tastes. Feeling carnivorous? Check. Want to limit your carbs? Check. Want to try a vegan patty? Check.

Posted 10 January 2023

Best burgers primary

Our guide to Brum's best burgers

1. Meat Shack 

Hidden away on a side street near the Hippodrome Theatre, why not eschew the classic pre-theatre option of Chinese food before your show and enjoy a tasty burger instead? The burgers are so good you don’t even need the excuse of visiting the theatre to pop in and enjoy the street art on the walls. With beef, chicken and veggie options, they promise they use only the best and, apparently, ‘filthiest’ of ingredients. We’re pretty sure this is just a turn of phrase, so don’t be put off. And for the love of all things holy, make sure you sample the halloumi fries.

2. Original Patty Men 

Hmm, we’re seeing a theme here. Original Patty Men class themselves as ‘purveyors of filth’. Once again, they have an excellent hygiene rating and very tasty burgers so just disregard this badge of honour if you’re germ conscious…

Located next door to Kilder Bar on the outskirts of Digbeth, Original Patty Men consistently ranks as one of the best burger joints in Brum, and it’s not hard to see why. A small but well-honed selection of beef or chicken burgers, with one veggie option, are simply delicious. Shout out to the pineapple hot sauce. And although not burgers, their wings are top notch – every Wednesday they do a special Wing Wednesday offer; they’re the perfect accompaniment to your burger. Make sure you roll up your sleeves – these burgers can get messy, but are well worth it. (Perhaps not the best bet for a first date…)

3. Bonehead 

Delightfully, er, rustic inside, Bonehead makes up in fried chicken what it lacks in comfy seating. The food is so delicious that you’re not at your table for long, anyway! With frequent specials and all manner of fried chicken variations (plus a veggie burger option!), Bonehead are experts in turning rowdy tables silent as they savour their food. Their wings are the stuff of legend, and it’s actually now illegal to go to Bonehead and not have their waffle fries. We’re being serious, don’t make us dial 999.

4. BAHA Vegan

For the non-meat consumers among you, look no further than BA-HA. Always vegan, always amazing honestly it's hard to tell the difference and this is the one to take your carnivorous friends to. 


If you live around B4, or you've driven over the Aston Expressway then you've probably seen BRGRI. They offer tasty, juicy stacked burgers which are also halal. The interior is very instagrammable and it's a great spot for a quick lunch or dinner. 

And if you have to visit a chain?

1. Five Guys

You really can’t go wrong with a Five Guys if you just want a good solid burger, no messing about, plus approximately 4 litres of drink (why don’t they do smaller cups?? Who is *that* thirsty?). You’ve also got two locations to choose from – Bullring or Grand Central. Their fries are pretty legendary too.

2. Fat Hippo

With a massive range of meat and vegan options Fat Hippo is a crowd-pleaser. Sort of a chain, but an independent one so you can support a real-life person. This one is right in the centre of town and has concessions in Lane 7 if you're off for a day or evening out. 

3. Brewdog

Brewdog’s just for beer, right?! Wrong, my friend. They have a great selection of burgers, one even featuring black pudding, plus four vegan options, one hilariously named ‘Hail Seitan’. We’re sold. Mondays are 2-4-1 on vegan burgers, so a perfect opportunity to give the meat-free life a go. They also handily suggest beers to match their burgers. Don’t mind if we do.

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