Why join a society?

There’s so much about university life to explore and enjoy. Find out how joining a society enriched Amir’s experience at BCU.

I came to Birmingham City University from Italy to obtain my degree in accountancy. My academic journey started really well as I found myself prepared for the new modules I was learning. However, I was struggling with my social life and it was really difficult to adapt to a new country, because of the language barrier and my shy character.

My priority was to meet people who could speak my language and had the same interests as me, so I was advised by a BCUSU Executive Officer to join a society. I joined the Italian society in my second semester.

After joining the society, I made new friends and organised different events with them. In the Italian society, I met Italian students from 3rd year and even students with a general interest in Italian who helped me to get over my cultural shock. It was fantastic to discover Birmingham with them.

By going to society events, you get to meet people from other societies too, for example, during the year, I met people from the Jewish society and the First Love society and I became friends with them. This helped me to gain new communication skills.

Being an active member of a society will give you employable skills as well. Running a society includes organisation, getting a plan together and implementing it, committing to deadlines, working in a team, managing budgets and working out what people want.

If you are planning to make the most out of University then you must join a society! Joining a society was a great decision as this proved to have a positive impact on my academic results, as I was able to gain new English language skills and presentation skills. Now I am able to face challenges with more confidence.

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