Mental health and wellbeing

Our advisers offer:

  • advice, information and support if you have concerns about your mental health, whether you are thinking about applying to university, have already applied or are currently studying here.
  • assessment of any practical support requirements you may need and liaise with your school to ensure that they are met. This could include extra time in exams or for assignments, for example.
  • advice about your eligibility for additional funding; Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and how to apply for it. If you think you are eligible for DSA, we recommend you apply for it a few months before you are due to arrive at university. For example, DSA can pay for one-to-one mentor or study skills support.
  • acting as a link between your NHS (or other external agencies) treatment team and the University.

We also provide advice and training to teaching and support staff within the University, so they can better support the students they work with who have mental health difficulties. Our aim in this is to help create a positive environment, challenging stigma about mental health difficulties so that you can succeed at university. Our Mental Health Policy Statement and guidance explains this in more detail.

Is this different to counselling?

Our advisers and counsellors can all help students who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. However, the main difference is that the advisers concentrate on practical support rather than therapeutic work. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure which type of service to choose – we all work closely together and can advise you what may be appropriate to your needs.

Get information about how our Counselling service works.