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  • The secrets to managing your money at university

    Webinar - student finance

    Wondering how you're going to make your student loan last for the whole year, or even how to apply for student finance in the first place? Our students Josi, Caitlin and Daisy share their experiences and tips on budgeting and how to get and manage a part-time job around your studies. Followed by a Q&A - ask us anything!

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  • How to make friends and settle in to your new life at university

    Webinar - how to make friends

    Worried about how to make friends at university? It's the top concern for most students! Whether you're moving to a new city or staying at home, getting settled in to your new student life can be unbelievably nerve-wracking to begin with. Our students Josi, Olivia, Caitlin and Daisy share their tips and experiences to help you ahead of starting university this September. And they can answer all your questions in the Q&A section - don't be shy!

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  • How to kickstart your career in the media and TV industry, with Scott Campbell (ITV)

    Webinar - TV career

    Got your eyes on a career in TV and want to know how to get your foot in the door from the get go? Graduate Scott Campbell shares the secrets to his 12-year career at ITV - which he started straight after graduating from his Media and Communications degree in 2009. He'll share his tips on getting work experience and being determined to succeed, as well as things you can do throughout university to get ahead. Scott will also be on hand to answer all your questions.

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  • How to look after your wellbeing at university: ask us anything!

    Webinar - wellbeing Q&A

    Join our final year student Olivia and our expert Student Wellbeing Advisor Rebecca Bow in this Q&A session. We'll be sharing advice on self care, mindfulness and how to manage the stresses of tight deadlines and workload. We won't be able to discuss details of individual mental health concerns, but we're here to signpost you to the support on offer at university before you start.

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  • Is university hard? How to adapt to university study and stay productive and motivated

    Webinar - is university hard?

    The jump from being at school or college to university can feel daunting, especially after the disruption over the last 18 months. You might be asking yourself, 'will I manage with the workload and academic writing?', 'how will I be able to stay motivated?', 'how can I manage my time and stay on top of my assignments?' Our final year students Olivia, Daisy and Pravjoth answer these questions and share their secrets from their time at BCU.

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  • How to get ready for uni 101: advice from real students

    Students socialising in a bar

    Starting university is unbelievably exciting but also petrifying at the same time. Will I make any friends? How will I make my student loan last all year? How can I feel motivated to study? Will I manage with the workload and assignments? The most important thing to know is that you're not the only one - thousands of students experience the same worries every year - and survive to tell the tale! Join our students Caitlin and Daisy as they share their experiences and top tips to help you get off to a flying and confident start.

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  • How volunteering at university was key to getting a graduate job and settling in, with Ella Cockerton (Birmingham Royal Ballet)

    Ella Cockerton

    English graduate Ella Cockerton shares her experience of volunteering on a range of exciting arts and cultural events in Birmingham during her time at BCU. She credits volunteering with not only getting her graduate job in fundraising just a few months after completing her degree, but also helping her to settle in to a new city, make friends and expand her network. Ella shares her tips on how you can get into volunteering and the types of opportunities available to students in Birmingham. She'll also share her experiences of moving to a big city and how she adapted to the student lifestyle - something she found difficult to begin with.

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  • How to make the most of your Summer

    Flowers in front of the campus

    Waiting to start university and want to know how to use all your free time over the Summer productively? This talk will provide you with guidance about how to use the summer holidays to your advantage - be it gaining useful work experience to strengthen your application or readying yourself for life at uni. Our students will also be on hand to share how they made the most of their free time before university and answer any questions you might have.

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  • Ask IKEA: What should I take to uni? Q&A with BCU graduate and IKEA Interior Designer

    Student bedroom featuring IKEA products

    Whether you’re moving into student accommodation or staying at home, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your bedroom whilst at university. You’ll want to make sure it’s a homely place to live, make the most of a small space, as well as being a productive study environment. Join IKEA Interior Designer and BCU graduate Claire Watts as she shares her expert tips and answers all your questions to help you get ready for uni.

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  • Sideman: how to speak your truth and deal with adversity

    David "Sideman" Whitely

    Join us as we meet comedian and broadcaster David "Sideman" Whitely to discuss his experience and advice on speaking your truth and dealing with adversity - something most people will experience whilst at university, when meeting new people from different backgrounds and starting out in your career. Sideman was praised for quitting his presenter job at BBC Radio 1Xtra in protest at the use of a racial slur on the network. He'll share what he's learnt about voicing your opinions whilst remaining positive and professional, as well as his tips on how to deal with set backs and become more resilient in the workplace.

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