Get Ready for Uni: The podcast

Wondering what university has in store? First-year students Ethan and Libby host BCU's Get Ready for Uni podcast, where they discuss their experiences of studying at university so far. From managing money for the first time, to discovering a new city, they cover all of the big questions you might have about making the transition to university life.

Making friends at uni

First-year students Libby and Ethan chat all things friends and social life at uni, from living in halls to starting a society about dogs...

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Living in Birmingham

Ethan and Libby discuss all of their favourite things to do in Birmingham, from food to activities, to living in student halls.

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How will uni help my career?

Final year student Pravjoth joins the podcast to share her secrets about gaining work experience at BCU and how to secure a job after graduating.

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Can I afford university? with Ola from All Things Money

If you're nervous about managing your finances as a student - don't be! Listen to this podcast episode featuring financial expert Ola, who runs the business All Things Money. Ola talks to Ethan and Libby about her top tips help you smash your student budget.


One financial expert just wasn't enough - we've invited TikTok financial influencer Poku Banks to BCU to share his top tips for student budgets.

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Mental Health and wellbeing at uni

Discover strategies for maintaining positive mental health at uni with our guest, BCU Mental Health Advisor Lou.

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Considering your options for university in September? Worried about results day? Clearing might be for you! Ethan and Libby speak to two students who came to BCU through Clearing to find out more about the process. 

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