Inderjosh Heer

Adult Nursing - BSc (Hons)

Inderjosh was inspired to become a nurse after witnessing the true impact they make on the frontline. The attentive care he observed from healthcare professionals as he accompanied his gran to hospital visits confirmed his future career choice.

“It was always my dream to attend University and study nursing. I remember attending a hospital appointment with my gran and witnessing the attentive and person-centred care provided by one of nurses really inspired me and became a role for me. 

I’d love to encourage more men to enter into nursing; I know that it has a stigma attached to it. I joined a group called Athena Swan that looked at gender equality within nursing and raising awareness of it. Now that I’ve qualified as a nurse, hopefully I can raise more awareness and inspire others.

This is why I started the Nursing Society. Not only is it a place for student nurses to unwind and relax from the stresses of their course and feel a sense of belonging at BCU, but it’s also a safe and inclusive space for all nursing students. The nursing society changed my experience of BCU, I've made so many close friends through the society so I hope it continues to do the same for others.

Being the president of the Nursing Society means that I get to communicate with a variety of people from across the University, including course teams and the Students’ Union, who encouraged my ideas. BCU has been an amazing place to seek new opportunities and experiences. I’ve had the chance to be an international orientation buddy as well as a student ambassador.

One of the main reasons I wanted to study at BCU was the community aspect. Moving away from my friends at home was really tough but I was aware that there was a lot of diversity and inclusivity within the students at the university, when I joined, there were so many events and ways to get involved. It makes me feel proud to be a student here; I’ve made so many friends for life.

I’ve achieved and accomplished so much at BCU, but it hasn’t been an easy ride. There have been times during my university journey where I’ve felt as though I was losing motivation, but found comfort and support through my friends and through the university.

If you had met me before university, you would barely be able to recognise me! I’m so much more confident in myself and my abilities, and now welcome new challenges being thrown at me. I really struggled with being away from home for the first time during my first year of study and often got homesick. I soon realised that if I hadn’t moved away from home, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today and wouldn’t have gained half as much confidence.

I am BCU is everything to me. It defines me as a student and all the experiences I have had and cherish. I AM BCU will be something that I carry with me for the rest of my life."

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