Ben King

Primary Education with QTS - BA (Hons)

Ben has dyslexia, which has always impacted his ability to read, write and retain information. However, after hard work, support and determination, he secured a place on our Primary Education with QTS course. Since then, Ben hasn’t let his dyslexia define him and has truly immersed himself into endless opportunities provided to him by BCU.  

"I have dyslexia! Dyslexia is a specific learning difference that affects one in five people and poses me with a number of challenges, essentially relating to English. Each dyslexic person is challenged differently and our strengths predominantly lay in areas unrelated to pen and print; for me it impacts on my capacity to comprehend what I read and relay my thoughts into print. It requires me to work twice as hard as the next person and has caused immense frustration over the years impacting on my life in ways you could not imagine.

The idea of continuing my academic studies post A Level was always something I questioned as being a real possibility, let alone others along the route. It was always going to be an uphill struggle, just as school had always been. University was always my aspiration, a long-term goal, a dream, an outstanding achievement. In reality, many times along my academic journey I was told: “It wouldn’t be possible, there’s no chance, he’ll never do it”.

However, through sheer hard work, my determination, the tenacity and commitment of my parents, and the amazing support system I experienced at GCSE and A Level, it soon became a reality. It was with this experience and encouragement that ignited my passion to become a primary school teacher. After researching, work experience and talking to other teachers, University seemed to be the best route forward. So that was my target.

To attend university and study the course I chose (BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS), I needed to have five GCSE’s at grade C or above including Maths and English, A Levels and have passed two DfE Skills tests. This is no mean feat for any student, let alone anyone with dyslexia.

However, I’m so proud to say that I achieved my goal and ever since I walked through the doors of BCU, I’ve loved it – it’s in this university’s DNA to give everyone a big warm welcome and to work as a team to support everyone to achieve their own personal dream.

All of the staff I’ve worked with during my three years, personal tutors, lecturers, and heads of department have been outstanding. They have provided me with both academic and personal support, offering new opportunities I had never considered. During the course, I was required to do work experience at a local school, however as I commute into university daily from Nottingham, BCU kindly facilitated my placement at a school local to my home, brilliant for me but less so for the university tutor who came all the way to observe me on more than one occasion!

BCU also addressed my disability, arranging for a specific dyslexia diagnosis and supporting me through the DSA process which provided the study support and tools to not only manage my learning difficulty but prepare me for the future. As a result, I'm now a far more confident person with improved confidence, determination, and independence and more importantly self-belief that I can achieve anything I want.

Thanks to this uni, I’ve accomplished so many things during my time here, with achievements I previously could only have dreamed of. I’ve been successful in the role as a Student Academic Leader for the last two years, voicing student’s opinions, providing opportunities and instrumental in shaping the course for future trainee teachers. This has resulted in myself being nominated for Extra Mile awards in both 2017 and 2019. Academically, I’ve passed all of my practical teacher training and have achieved either a 1st or 2:1 in my assignments.

These personal results are so encouraging and inspiring, not just for me, but I hope in the future they will inspire all students to never give up on their ‘dream’. It doesn’t mater were you come from academically it’s about building on your own strengths and aspirations. It’s been a real personal eye-opener immersing myself in the range of opportunities and being pushed out of my comfort zone, BCU has provided a quality platform for my future.

I am truly proud to have been a part of the BCU family, being a BCU student and being able to work with an outstanding Primary Education team. They have been an invaluable support, enthusiastic and dedicated team that are committed to work with everyone to grow, succeed and achieve their very best."

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