Allen sits on a sofa and looks into the camera

Allen Biju

Biomedical Engineering MEng

Allen always knew that he wanted to work in medicine, and his love of Maths and Physics led him to study Biomedical Engineering at BCU. Nowadays, he’s working in Regulatory Affairs as a Product Support Engineer.

“I always wanted to work within the medical field, helping people and advance medicine, but I initially wanted to become a doctor. My strong passions for Mathematics and Physics led me to discover Biomedical Engineering. After hearing about what BCU could offer, I knew what I wanted to do, and my future started from there.

Studying at BCU was the most unforgettable experience of my life. The staff are the biggest strength, so supportive and always trying to improve our educational experience. They ensured that we always achieved our best.

My course was tailored to prepare me for a career in the medical field, giving me the foundational understanding of medical device development, details of mechanical and electronic principles and international standards. BCU also prepared me in the art of writing technical documentation that I would need in my field.

During my final year, I was given the opportunity to work with Quanta Dialysis as part of my final project. I was glad I could do this during my studies and not have to take time out of education to gain this valuable work experience. My placement included developing test protocols that would aid in the development of medical devices. Because of the work I did on this placement, I was even able to publish a paper at the IEEEE EMBC Engineering conference.

I was lucky enough to find a job as a Product Support Engineer at LockDown Medical straight after graduation, which is where I found my passion for quality assurance and led me to specialise in Regulatory Affairs. A typical day in my role involves many meetings and requires teamwork and a lot of responsibility too as the company looks to you when developing new products.

Getting my current job is by far my proudest achievement since graduating, as I entered a field aged just 23, in an industry that is dominated by people much older than me due to the experience needed in this line of work.

My advice to fellow graduates starting out on their career would be to be open to opportunities and find your passion in your chosen field.

To me, I AM BCU means being a part of something bigger, and being a part of a determined team of students and staff who want to achieve the best.”