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The new UCAS tariff – what does it mean and what has changed?

If you're considering applying for university in a couple of years' time, it's important to know that the UCAS tariff system is changing.

From September 2017, UCAS tariff points – the points system most universities use to compare different qualifications – will introduce a new system on how points are calculated. To make sure you're prepared, here are a few key facts on what the new points system will mean to you.

What is the new UCAS tariff?

Under the current tariff, a typical standard offer from Birmingham City University would be BBC at A Level, DMM in a BTEC Extended Diploma or D*D* in a BTEC Diploma, which equates to 280 tariff points.

Under the new UCAS tariff this will equate to 112 points. Despite the lower points, you'll still have to achieve the same grades as you would if you were applying today. Here's some examples:

A Level
GradePoints - from Sept 2017Current points
A* 56 140
A 48 120
B 40 100
C 32 80
D 24 60
AS Level
GradePoints - from Sept 2017Current points
A 20 60
B 16 50
C 12 40
D 10 30
BTEC Diploma
GradePoints - from Sept 2017Current points
D*D* 112 280
D*D 104 260
DD 96 240
DM 80 200
BTEC Extended Diploma
GradePoints - from Sept 2017Current points
D*D*D* 168 420
D*D*D 160 400
D*DD 152 380
DDD 144 360
DDM 128 320
DMM 112 280
MMM 96 240
MMP 80 200
MPP 64 160
PPP 48 120

What has been affected?

All qualification types and grades will have a revised points value, with new qualifications also coming onto the tariff.

One key change is AS qualifications will get fewer points, to reflect the different standard between AS and A Levels. This is because AS Levels are becoming standalone qualifications no longer coupled with A Levels, and are weighted at 40 per cent of an A Level instead of 50 per cent. The University will continue to recognise AS grades and points in its offer making.

How can I get more help?

  • Your teachers and advisers in school or college will give you advice on the best qualifications to take, based on what you enjoy and perform well in.
  • You should also check university entry requirements carefully. These are published on each course page and on the UCAS course entry profiles.
  • You can also speak to someone at UCAS by calling +44 (0)371 468 0 468 or emailing newtarriff-feedback@ucas.ac.uk
  • See full details of the new tariff on the UCAS website.
  • Work out your tariff points using the UCAS Tariff Calculator.