Community Engagement and Resolution

The Community Engagement and Resolution research cluster embodies the University strategic aim to transform Birmingham and the region through innovative, ground-breaking research on social inequality deviance, crime, harm and crime control in this part of the UK.

Community engagement and resolution cluster

The Cluster will primarily explore the nature and extent of social inequality and harms in the region and identify needs-led, realistic solutions to issues that are may be of national debate and concern. 


  1. Establish working relationships with communities in Birmingham and region of the West Midlands, England;
  2. Investigate the nature, extent and meaning of social inequality and harms in Birmingham and the region; encompassing individual experiences, social structures and physical environments;
  3. Identify through research the implications of social inequality and harm for local, national and international stakeholders including: the community, victims, offenders, and criminal justice organisations.
  4. Enhance the wellbeing of communities and organisations affected by social inequality and harm.
  5. Nurture regional research talent to ensure the continued authenticity and impact of the research centre.

Researchers within the Cluster have explored a range of local themes and issues with global reach and significance including: social inequality in communities, serious violence, organised crime and policing.


  1. Explore and identify suitable research income generation streams;
  2. Engage in research which is built on a range of appropriate ontological, epistemological and methodological foundations;
  3. Share learning in relation to approaches, tools, techniques and methodologies within the cluster; 
  4. Disseminate research findings through a variety of academic and non-academic means; including conference presentations, books, peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, blogs, podcasts and other appropriate media.

Areas of activity

  • Community engagement
  • Social inequality and social harm in communities
  • Serious organised crime
  • Serious violence

Staff working in this group