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PhD opportunities in the School of Social Sciences

There are currently the following self-funded PhD opportunities. For further information, contact the named staff below.

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Self-Funded PhD Opportunities

The development of rationality: Decision-making strategies in childhood and adolescence

Reference Number: 25 Social Sciences

Supervisors: Silvio Aldrovandi, Olga Fotakopoulou and Alexandros Psychogios

Policy makers, parents, teachers, and other adults responsible for the welfare of children and adolescents take decisions that need to be informed of the quality of the decision-making competence of the young. An important question thus revolves around how decision-making skills develop through childhood and adolescence.

The project aims to test how decision-making strategies change across development. In doing so, an individual-differences approach will be adopted in order to explore how underlying cognitive and social processes may support such development. 

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Contact information: Dr Silvio Aldrovandi


Tel: 0121 331 6547

1488: Modern Day Hate in the United Kingdom

Reference Number: 26

Supervisors: Dr Geraldine Lee-Treweek, Dr John Bahadur Lamb, Mr David McGee

Recently the United Kingdom Government announced that referrals to the PREVENT stream of the country’s counter terrorism strategy involving people who have adopted an extreme right wing ideology have risen by over a third. Such an increase highlights a gap in the study of violent extremism as despite the wealth of literature written on Al Qa’eada and ISIS the study of extreme right wing political violence has, apart from a few works, gone largely unstudied. Such a gap in the literature is perplexing when recent history is considered and this project is seeking candidates who can address this gap by exploring the nature of extreme right wing groups within the United Kingdom and the threat they may pose.

Social Sciences PhD - 1488: Modern Day Hate in the United Kingdom

Contact information: Dr John Bahadur Lamb


Tel: 0121 331 5272