Research staff

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  • Dr Keeley Abbott

    Associate Professor

    Dr Keeley Abbott  career to date has been characterised by an interest and awareness around issues related to equality, diversity and inclusivity. This is based on her research focus related to sexualities, sexual health and sex education.

  • Dr Pelham Carter

    Associate Professor in Psychology

    Pelham  was drawn to Psychology initially by his interest in animal behavior, then followed maze experiments and finally using virtual environments to explore human behavior.

  • Dr Amy Cook

    Head of Psychology

    Dr  Amy Cook's research interest is  closely aligned to teaching and practice and is focused on the student experience including learning and wellbeing.

  • Dr Emily Coyne-Umfreville

    Deputy Head of Psychology

    Emily is a Senior Lecturer in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Emily’s doctoral thesis was entitled “Capturing Reading Strategies in Young children.”

  • Andrew Dixon

    Senior Lecturer/Course Director in Sociology

    Andrew  Dixon  teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the School of Social Sciences. He is presently the  study abroad tutor for the School.

  • Dr Richard Fereday

    Lecturer in Psychology

    D r Richard Fereday  was motivated to become an academic as a means of explaining the diversity of human behaviour . To this end, he studied psychology in order to understand the mental processes that underlie overt behaviour .

  • Dr Olga Fotakopoulou

    Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology, Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Athena Swan Lead.

    Olga is a developmental psychologist and is interested in human development from birth to adolescence with a special interest in socio-cognitive, emotional and pro-social development. She has worked as a researcher of children’s development since 2004 and as a counsellor in various educational and clinical settings.

  • Dr Emily Harrison

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology

    Emily is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology with a specialism in Child Development and Education. Emily’s research expertise lies within the area of childhood literacy development, and her doctoral thesis was entitled “Evaluating the potential of a speech rhythm-based reading intervention”, which involved designing, developing,...

  • Dr Angela Hewett

    Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

    Angela is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology. She has worked in both Public Health and Health Psychology academically in the UK, and in practice as a Health Promotion Coordinator in Canada. She has a wealth of experience in engaging stakeholders in healthcare services evaluation, health promotion, and local decision-making...

  • Dr Natalie Kelly

    Lecturer in Psychology; Co-Course Director, MSc Psychology

    Natalie's  research focuses on visual perception and attention, and how such processes are affected by factors such as healthy ageing and atypical neurological development (ASD, ADHD).

16 items found, viewing items 1 to 10.